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What Do Purchasing Careers Have to Offer?

Although the economy has been performing considerably better in recent years, that doesn’t mean that conditions are perfect. Since numerous companies are still facing a variety of challenges, they’re looking at many different ways to help strengthen their bottom line. One of the ways that more and more companies are looking at is through purchasing. While purchasing used to be viewed as a necessary business task instead of one that can boost margins or drive growth, that perception is rapidly changing.

The Role of Purchasing

At its most basic level, purchasing finds ways to optimize costs. It then communicates those savings with the rest of the organization. And as purchasing departments become more sophisticated and empowered, they’re able to deliver even greater value to organizations. Managing large offshoring operations, enabling new processes to be introduced and negotiating huge contracts are a few more examples of how purchasing can have a direct impact on a company.

Purchasing As a Career Path

Even though purchasing is a dynamic field with a bright outlook, there’s currently a shortage of talented individuals entering it.  Not only is the demand for purchasing professionals already in place, but companies are willing to pay very attractive salaries for people who can deliver results.

For younger employees, another very appealing aspect of a purchasing career is the ability to be exposed to senior level stakeholders. Within weeks, there’s a very good chance that a new purchasing employee will be interacting with senior stakeholders. This is great for learning and potentially opening all kinds of doors.

It’s also worth mentioning that in most organizations, advancement within purchasing is something that’s driven by actual performance instead of politics or seniority. If you’re the type of person who wants to let your work truly speak for itself, you should strongly consider a career in purchasing.

Purchasing Challenges and Solutions

Another very appealing trait of a purchasing career path is it offers an opportunity to engage with a wide range of sectors. Having this kind of rich cross-industry experience is something that’s very valuable for building a strong career.

On top of that, being in this line of work means that you will really develop your technology skills. In fact, a purchasing career can enable you to set the course of your organization’s use of technology. For example, if you discover that their purchasing process is being held back by manual roadblocks, introducing purchasing software such as Bellwether Purchasing Software can be a game changer. You will want to research purchasing software and be sure to choose one that is capable of customized work flows and automating purchase orders, invoices, and inventory. Fully utilizing the right purchasing software will maximize the results driven by purchasing.

So whether you’re a new graduate or have decided that you want to steer your existing career in a new direction, a purchasing career is definitely an option that’s worth your consideration.






August 4, 2015
BY Bellwether

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