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The Role of Purchasing Managers in 2015

While purchasing managers have always played an important role within in companies, there was a time when their role was not very visible. However, there has been a significant shift over the last few years. Because supply chains have become a focal point for businesses across numerous industries, purchasing managers are being tapped to create prominent strategies around cost-savings and realizing efficiencies.

Since purchasing is a core activity for businesses, managers need to view their department as part of the bigger whole. What this means is that purchasing managers not only need to understand the strategic and marketing goals that their company is pursuing, but they need to look for ways to proactively support those efforts.

Preventing Companies from Stagnating

Businesses frequently fall into the trap of sticking to the way that things have always been done. While there’s something to be said for not trying to fix things that aren’t broken, getting too comfortable with the status quo can have consequences down the line. Because this is a problem that plenty of companies have to face at some point, the good news is purchasing managers are in an ideal position to help avoid it.

When purchasing managers take the time to fully understand their company on a holistic level, they can start looking for areas that have the potential to be improved. By then looking into those areas and pursuing the right buy-ins from other departments, procurement has the ability to chart an ideal course for a company’s future.

How the Right Purchasing Software Can Help

Another way that purchasing managers can have a significant impact on their company is by finding the best ways to actually enforce the spending and budget policies that are in place. Although employees across various departments may not think that small overages are a big deal, those types of issues start to add up.

For small and mid-market companies, the best way to stay on top of this issue is by using Bellwether Purchasing Software. We specifically built our purchasing software for managers like you. As a result, it makes it easier than ever to take control of maverick spending and enforce approvals.

Another important aspect of our software is it doesn’t require IT resources. That means you’ll have a much easier time getting everyone on board with it. And once you make this transition, you’ll be in a position that allows you to automate purchasing processes and eliminate paper. The bottom line for you and your company is this increased efficiency will enable you to save time and money.

For more details about how Bellwether Purchasing Software can help your entire company, please contact us.



July 4, 2015
BY Bellwether

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