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Is it Time to Ditch Paper Based Purchase Order Management?

Purchase Order Software and Paper Based Purchase Order Management:

Purchase software, as the name suggests, is an automated system to manage all your business orders and take care of your organization’s spend-analysis. Paper based Purchase Order Management is done using pen and paper. Manual invoices are maintained on paper to track order placement and delivery. Purchase software is also known as e-procurement software and it is a much better option than the manual paper system because much of the process can be automated, it is accurate and it is less time-consuming. Spend analysis is an essential feature of an organization and if not done accurately, the results can lead to many problems down the road. Manual, paper-based systems make this task very challenging and further contribute to the likelihood of more problems and difficulties in this area.

Reasons why Purchase Order Software is better:

The first reason why purchase software or e-procurement software is better than the paper based order management system is because it is reliable, accurate and highly organized. The paper based system we all know is associated with human errors and discrepancies which lead to many mistakes and inaccurate results. Especially when you are dealing with large volume of orders the best thing to do is implement e-procurement software designed specifically for this purpose. Nearly all common tracking mistakes due to human error can be prevented if you are using the right purchasing software.

There are many types of purchase software available nowadays and among them cloud-based is considered to be the best. The software helps in streamlining various business order process and performing spend analysis. It can also be very easily customized according to the needs and the requirements of the user or the organization that is using it. If you are using the purchasing software it can be assured that there will be very little scope for error. Margin of error in case of e-procurement software is much less than the manual paper based order management system. When your purchasing system is running smoothly and accurately it has a domino effect reaching to your company’s bottom line, ultimately helping you to increase productivity and profits.

Role in Spend Analysis:

Purchase Software prevents occurrence of any and all types of authorized orders. It allows managers to view all the purchases taking place in the organization. Overall costs are also reduced with the help of this software. Order placement, order review, order modification, order approval, payment and delivery tracking becomes very easy if you are using e-procurement software for order management.

October 22, 2013
BY Bellwether

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