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Punch Out Software

Bellwether EPMX Purchasing Software: Punch-out Software

Bellwether’s Punch-out e-procurement module makes it possible for buyers to access mulitple suppliers’ Web sites from within the Bellwether Purchasing Software: procurement application. Bellwetherhas a tradition of providing easy-to-use solutions for the purchasing professional and in keeping with this philosophy, we provide you Punch-out ability to the vendors of your choice.

Our punch-out seamlessly takes you out the suppliers electronic catalogs to locate and order products. Once you finish selecting the items, it brings all the information back to your Requisition screen for you to continue your purchasing cycle.

Once your Purchase Order is ready with all the approvals, Bellwether Purchasing Software: allows you to electronically Push-out the PO information electronically to the Vendor with just one click. This saves you time and money while increasing visibility.

All these features improve productivity for your company and also allow you to get the lowest prices from vendors while reducing your administrative cost. For many procurement professionals, this is a “must-have” for your major vendors today.

Bellwether Purchasing Software: Punch Out / Supplier Network Module

One way to streamline processes among e-procurement users is the Bellwether Purchasing Software: Punch Out Module. Forward thinking suppliers and vendors are creating powerful opportunities by adapting the way they present their products to buyers within e-procurement environments that all work to enhance the profits of SMBs.

Increased demands on purchasing departments to improve their spend management have created more opportunity for supplier networks. These purchasing systems allow purchasers to consolidate all supplier catalogs into one central location and manage spend more effectively. And this is where Bellwether Purchasing SoftwareX: Punch Out Module steps in.

Basically, the Bellwether Purchasing Software: Punch Out Module is a cloud-based module that makes up one part of entire eprocurement suite. The Bellwether Purchasing Software: Punch Out Module connects to your vendor’s online catalogs and databases through transfer protocols that you access through the Bellwether Purchasing Software: system. This process streamlines everything into just a few clicks. First you select your items and software brings the data back into the Bellwether Purchasing Software: system with appropriate pricing and quantities thus creating a requisition. After obtaining the necessary approvals, viewable from any mobile device or tablet with internet access, it takes one more click to create and push-out the purchase order to the vendor. There are other more traditional ways to view catalogs, create requisitions, purchase orders, and relay the information back to the vendor, but for buyers looking to streamline the process in the most user-friendly way, the Bellwether Purchasing Software: Punch Out is a “must-have” tool.