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Purchase Order Vs Invoice

Bellwether EPMX Purchasing Software: Invoice Module

Matching invoices to purchase orders and receipts has always been a time-consuming, paper-based, manual process. Bellwether Purchasing Software  Invoice Reconciliation ( with optional Invoice Approval) Purchase Order Software makes it easier than ever before!

Simply enter the Purchase Order number into Bellwether Purchasing Software Invoice Entry screen from the Purchase Order program. Bellwether Purchasing Software: immediately creates the complete invoice from the Purchase Order program and receipt information already in the Purchase Order system-all within a paperless purchasing mode.

Bellwether Purchasing Software invoice data can then be passed to your accounts payable system for payment. Bellwether Purchasing Software Invoice Reconciliation and Approval Module ( Accounts Payable ) Interface software is a perfect complement as an add-on unit to the Purchase Order Software and Receiving software.

Key benefits of the Bellwether Purchasing Software Invoice Reconciliation Purchase Order software:

  • During invoice entry, you can override system-generated invoice dollar amounts.
  • The system immediately alerts you if the dollar discrepancy falls outside your user-defined tolerances.
  • Bellwether Purchasing Software paperless procurement software automatically calculates sales tax from the tax percent on the purchase order and the taxable dollar amounts on the invoice.
  • Bellwether Purchasing Software immediately alerts you if freight charges are not authorized on the invoice.
  • You can automatically allocate freight charges and taxes to predefined expense accounts or prorate over the invoice line amounts.
  • During invoice entry, you can view the complete purchase order from the Purchase Order Management System, including any comments from the buyer and all receipt activity against the purchase order-all within a paperless purchasing environment.
  • You can process multiple invoice types and contracts¬-including prepaid, credit memo and debit memo invoices¬-with this robust Purchase Order Management System.
  • You can implement an approval process to Invoice processing to capture any potential inconsistencies with the Invoice and the original Purchase Order.

The Accounts Payable Interface module features a complete set of status reports, including:

  • The Unmatched Receipts Report prints material received but not invoiced after a predefined number of days.
  • The Approved Invoice Report prints invoices approved for payment during a specified period.
  • The Accounts Payable Distribution Account Report prints invoice distribution amounts, along with their G/L charge accounts, during a specified date range.