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Social Networks for Procurement Professionals

A couple of weeks ago we discussed using Facebook as a Procurement Professional in this blog post here. Since that time we’ve discovered a couple of new social networks geared specifically toward this industry instead of trying to find a use in an existing social network. As technology continues to develop and purchasing and procurement professionals become more mobile needs change and gaps arise. Facebook and LinkedIn may be too broad for those in the purchasing industry. That’s where Procurious and CorporateBrainz feel they have their place in our technology-laiden world.  Let’s take a brief look at both.


From their website…

So we’ve built Procurious – an online business network for a new generation of procurement professionals. It’s a hub for them to advance their career, develop skills and expand their professional network. Procurious is unique as it bridges the gap between networking, thought leadership and technical information – no other online platform can do all three.

Procurious has been developed for current and future generations of ‘Procurers’, by a group of seasoned procurement professionals who understand the business. We know procurement professionals all face similar challenges, so we’re making their lives easier by combining a professional network, learning and career centre in one online hub.

We believe procurement has an image problem with outdated stereotypes and it’s time procurement professionals joined forces to become more collectively valued. By empowering our future leaders, we aim to change the face of the procurement profession from the inside out.


From their website:

CorporateBrainz was set-up by a group of procurement and supplier management professionals to create an inclusive community where questions can be asked and answers, best practices and new ideas can be shared.

Right now, CorporateBrainz is the only online specialist community for procurement professionals from every industry sector.

Additionally, a unique marketplace has been created allowing companies and employers without dedicated procurement and supplier management resources to tap into these skills on a project-by-project basis.

Are you currently using either of these social networks? Which is your favorite?

November 18, 2014
BY Bellwether

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