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Purchase Requisition

Bellwether Purchase Software: Requisition Software Module

The web-based Requisition software module makes a powerful front-end to your current Purchase Order Solution, or you can couple it with other Bellwether Purchasing Software modules as part of a fully integrated e-Procurement system.

Bellwether Purchasing Software Requisition module (requisition software) completely automates the on-line requisitions entry (electronic requisitions) and approval process. Most importantly, it’s designed to be user-friendly and incredibly easy to use.

Key benefits:

  • Individual users or departments can requisition items directly from online catalogs or in free-form mode.
  • Requisitions can be imported directly from Bellwether Purchasing Software Order System Inventory Module for items at or below their reorder points.
  • Purchase requisitions can be printed or transmitted in a paperless environment.
  • For users of Bellwether Purchasing Software Inventory module, requisitions for stock items are automatically routed to your warehouse.
    • Stock availability and subsequent stock commitment is performed in real-time.
    • If warehoused items are unavailable when requisitioned, the outstanding portion will be automatically filled when re-supply occurs.
    • Disbursement reports identify which items to pull from stock, their stocking locations, and delivery information.
  • A multi-level, online approval process prevents items from being ordered without necessary approvals.
    • Requisitions are automatically routed by e-mail to the next approver listed in your business rules.
    • If denied, requisitions can be returned to the original requisitioner with a reason for the rejection.
  • With Bellwether Purchasing Software Order System, you can review requisitions online and convert them into Purchase Orders or Requests for Quotations without re-keying any data.
  • Multiple requisitions for similar materials or services can be combined in one order, or a single requisition can be split up into multiple purchase orders for a number of vendors.
  • On-line status inquiry and printed status reports make it easy to track the progress of requisitioned items, including expected delivery dates, back-order conditions, and assigned buyers.
  • Bellwether Purchasing Software Requisition shows which requisitions are on hold awaiting approval; approved but not ordered, and ordered but not received.
  • Additionally, Bellwether Purchasing Software will display the date received and quantity.