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Overcoming Boredom in Your Procurement Job

Last week we discussed how easily we can find ourselves bored and dissatisfied in our procurement jobs. This week we will look at how we can find new life and enjoyment in our jobs.

How Will You Keep From Getting Bored? Virtually every job, with time, can be expected to lose part of its enjoyment. Think about your favorite food; if you eat it every meal of every day for weeks or months it won’t taste as good. Did the food change or did you? It is not necessary for your purchasing professional’s job to get boring.

If you find yourself in a boredom rut right now try to think back to the beginning of things so as to remember why you were passionate about it in the first place. Reminding yourself of the reasons you liked this job, thinking about all the good things instead of dwelling on the negatives can go a long way in helping to reshape your thinking. Another option is to request that your employer give you additional duties. Maybe you can even ask for a short-term, limited time transfer to another project, department or position. Some time in another role may help you to rediscover all the things you like about your job.

See if you can paint your office a new color even if you have to go buy a gallon of paint on your own dime. Changing the color, decorations, or desk arrangement can make things feel new again and help bring a new energy to the day to day work duties.

Even things such as changing your working and eating habits can help overcome boredom. Consider a schedule change; if your job allows it see if you can come in an hour earlier and get out an hour earlier. Maybe with the extra time you can start going to the gym and adding an exercise routine. By including healthy eating and exercise you will discover increased energy and a better overall outlook. Or maybe you can arrange to do a split shift working a few hours in the morning with an extended afternoon break that allows you to be home when your children get out of school so instead of daycare they get extra time with you one on one. By having some extra interaction with your child, helping with homework, and then finishing up in the office after dinner you can increase your level of personal satisfaction. Or maybe you have the option to do part or even all of your job from home.

April 22, 2014
BY Bellwether

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