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Inventory Software

Bellwether EPMX Purchasing Software: Inventory Module:

Stay in control of your valuable inventory and automate your entire materials management process with Bellwether Purchasing Software inventory management software, material management software and warehouse management software.

With Bellwether Purchasing Software you can run the Inventory software module as a stand-alone unit or use it with Bellwether Purchasing Software other modules as part of a fully integrated system.

Key benefits of the Bellwether Purchasing Software:

  • Bellwether Purchasing Software integrated tracking system automatically updates on-order inventory balances when you create a purchase order and updates on-hand balances when those items are received.
  • The system keeps an up-to-the-second status of all inventoried items and current stock levels at multiple warehouse locations.
  • Bellwether Purchasing Software e-procurement solutions Inventory Management features include:
    • Full statistical inventory control, including reorder point, reorder quantity and minimum and maximum stock levels. Bellwether Purchasing Software tracks which items are taken and by whom, letting buyers know when and how much to order.
    • Automatic creation of requisitions for items below predefined minimum stock levels (when joined with the Bellwether Purchasing Software Requisitions module).
    • Easy handling of issues, returns, receipts, adjustments and transfers between warehouses-all on a single inventory transaction screen.
    • Tracking of inventory transactions by department, consumer, project, general ledger charge account and date range.
    • Automatically maintains standard, average and current costs.
    • Efficiently identifies and reports items by ABC category.
    • A special Kit File that helps you track products that require assembly or special packaging prior to shipment.
    • Instant tracking of usage history for material items on your screen by item, warehouse, receiving department, consumer, project and date range.
    • On-line inquiry features show you up-to-the second on-order and on-hand inventory balances for items at a single warehouse or all warehouses.
  • Bar Codes:
    • The module prints bar code labels for your inventory items.
    • It scans inventory issues, receipts, serial numbers, returns and physical inventory counts.
  • Inventory Reports:
    • A complete set of inventory reports lets you review inventory balances, analyze the value of your on-hand inventory and track usage history.
    • Inventory reports include:
      • Detailed information on all quantities received, issued, returned, adjusted and transferred during a specified time period.
      • Inventory Status Report of inventory balances and costs.
      • Reorder Analysis Report of items at or below their reorder levels.
      • Serial Reconciliation Report of the location of each item’s recorded serial number and asset tag number.
      • Physical Inventory Worksheet of working document to facilitate a fast and accurate inventory count.