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Restricted Terms of Use

IMPORTANT – This is a legal agreement between you, on behalf of your organization (“licensee”) and bellwether corporation. By clicking the “I accept” button, or, by downloading, installing, receiving or using a product or service, you agree to these terms, and that your use of bellwether’s website is governed by bellwether’s terms of use available at https://www.bellwethercorp.com/restricted-use-license/. If you do not agree to these terms, do not click the “I accept” button, download, install, receive or use the product or service and you will not have a right to use any part of a product or service. On or after the date you accept these restricted use license terms (“terms”), your rights, obligations and use of product or service provided by bellwether are subject to these terms unless you have executed terms to purchase a specific product or service from bellwether. “product” or “service” includes all related user manuals and training materials provided to you electronically or physically (“documentation”), and revisions and updates that replace or supplement a product or service. You agree to do business electronically, including contract formation, acceptance, and order placement. You represent that you are authorized to accept these terms on behalf of your organization.


A. “Product” means Bellwether proprietary software products. “SaaS” or “Service” means Software as a Service, as defined below. “Data” means Generic Data and/or Licensee Data, as each are defined below. Bellwether may provide Product or SaaS for Beta, Evaluation, Trial, Demonstration, Freemium, or other limited time and use (“Restricted Use”), generally without charge, as follows:

  1. Demonstration. Bellwether may provide either Product or SaaS to demonstrate its functionality (“Demonstration” or “Demo”), either at Licensee’s premises or online. Either Bellwether or Licensee will use generic, generally available, non-proprietary data (“Generic Data”) for Demonstration, not Licensee proprietary data and information (“Licensee Data”). Bellwether does not provide Demo Product or SaaS, and Data is not retained, for a specific length of time.
  2. Trial. Bellwether may provide online access to Product functionality operating as a service for Licensee to use (“Software as a Service”) for a limited time period (“Trial”) to make a purchase decision. The BPM FREE Software is available for use free of charge for a 1 year period (365 days). Users can upgrade at any time to a paid version of BPM. To Licensee may use Licensee Data at its own risk or Generic Data for Trial, subject to these Terms.
  3. Users. Bellwether allows access for up to 3 users to utilize the free version of the BPM Software.
  4. Evaluation. Bellwether may provide Product for Licensee’s use at their premises for a limited time period (“Evaluation”) to make a purchase decision. Licensee may use Licensee Data or Generic Data for Evaluation. Bellwether will not have access to Data Licensee uses for Evaluation.
  5. Beta. Bellwether may provide a pre-release version of Product or SaaS prior to its general commercial release (“Beta”) for testing by Licensee for a limited period of time. Beta versions may be provided for Evaluation or Trial. Licensee may use Licensee Data at its own risk or Generic Data for Beta testing, subject to these Terms.
  6. Freemium. Bellwether may provide a limited-functionality version of Product or SaaS (“Freemium”), with or without time restriction, for Evaluation or Trial.

B. The following terms apply to all Restricted Use Product and SaaS:

  1. Licensee’s license and right to use Product or SaaS for Beta, Trial or Evaluation is limited to 365 calendar days from the first day Licensee has access to Product or SaaS; Demo is limited to the timeframe of the Demonstration; and, Freemium is limited by functionality and any specified time period (each, “Restricted Use Period”). Bellwether may, at its sole option, extend the Restricted Use Period.
  2. Licensee will use Product or SaaS for Demo, Evaluation, Beta, Trial or Freemium for Restricted Use only. Restricted Use Product or SaaS availability is subject to change by Bellwether.
  3. Data that Licensee uses for Restricted Use purposes will not be encrypted or treated as confidential information. Licensee must not disclose to Bellwether any personally identifiable information regarding any individual (“PII”). Licensee is solely responsible for complying with any requirements regarding its PII. Licensee should use Generic Data for Restricted Use purposes. Licensee uses Licensee Data is at its own risk and Bellwether is not responsible or liable for transmission, handling, storing or backing up Licensee Data, Licensee’s failure to back up or store Data, or deletion, correction, destruction, damage to, or loss of, Data. Bellwether may delete Data and terminate a Restricted Use License without notice in its sole discretion.
  4. Bellwether does not provide maintenance, support or any other services for Restricted Use Product or SaaS. Bellwether is not obligated to make changes, improvements, or provide a subsequent version of Restricted Use Product or SaaS.


A. Bellwether Grant. Bellwether grants to Licensee a revocable, royalty-free, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use Product or SaaS (“License”) for Restricted Use according to the Documentation, these Terms, and any specified Measured License, for its own internal business operations at the Licensee site to which it is first provided. “Measured License” means the time period, number and type of Users, transactions, copies, seats, instructions per second (MIPS) or other quantity or measure for Product or SaaS.

B. Licensee Grant. Licensee grants Bellwether a royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual license to use and incorporate into Bellwether products any suggestion, idea, enhancement, feedback, recommendation or other information Licensee provides to Bellwether relating to Restricted Use Product or SaaS. Licensee grants Bellwether a non-exclusive, nontransferable license to copy, store, transmit and use Licensee Data as necessary for Licensee’s use of Product or SaaS hereunder. Licensee represents and warrants that Licensee Data will not violate third party rights or applicable law.


“Delivery” means Bellwether has provided, and Licensee is deemed to have accepted, Product or SaaS through electronic access. Bellwether may provide Product for Licensee to download. Product or SaaS risk of loss passes to Licensee upon Delivery. Licensee is responsible for customs documents, clearance, and paying any customs duties, taxes and import fees.

A. Licensee will:

  1. use Product and SaaS according to these Terms, be responsible for its activity in using SaaS, and ensure its end users comply with these Terms;
  2. be responsible for the accuracy, quality, legality, integrity, ownership, protection, adequate storage, security, privacy and acquisition of Data;
  3. prevent unauthorized access to Product and SaaS;
  4. comply with laws and regulations in using SaaS, including: data privacy, technical or personal data transmission, and anti-spam;
  5. notify Bellwether immediately of unauthorized access to Product or SaaS, or known or suspected breach of SaaS security, and use reasonable efforts to immediately stop unauthorized access, known or suspected violation of law, or these Terms;
  6. properly configure, program and operate Licensee’s hardware, software, websites, Data, content, and internet to access and use SaaS;
  7. comply with Bellwether protocols and requirements for SaaS;
  8. define and perform tests to: determine suitability of Beta Product or SaaS for Licensee’s business and environment; detect defects, errors and inadequacies; recommend modifications, improvements, corrections; consult with Bellwether to review and analyze representative data; and use reasonable efforts to provide written test and evaluation information to Bellwether for Beta Product or SaaS.

B. Licensee will not:

  1. permit any party to access or use Product or SaaS other than its employees; sell, resell, rent, lease or sublicense Product or SaaS, or use Product or SaaS to provide time share or other services to third parties;
  2. create derivative works based on Product or SaaS, copy, frame or mirror any part of SaaS, other than copying or framing Licensee Data, content or intranet for Licensee’s internal business operations;
  3. decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, access or use SaaS or Product to build a competitive product or service, copy features, functions or graphics;
  4. use SaaS to store or transmit infringing, libelous, or unlawful or tortious material or transmit material in violation of privacy rights;
  5. use SaaS to store or transmit viruses, worms, time bombs, Trojan horses or other harmful or malicious code, files, scripts, agents or programs; interfere with or disrupt the integrity or performance of SaaS or attempt to gain unauthorized access to SaaS or related systems;
  6. transfer or use Product or SaaS at a site other than that to which it is first provided;
  7. exceed the Restricted Use Period or any Measured License; use Product or SaaS in Licensee’s production environment; or infringe or misappropriate Bellwether or its licensors’ Intellectual Property.

C. Verification. Licensee will provide information and certification to Bellwether upon request to verify Licensee’s Product or SaaS use according to the Agreement. Licensee will immediately pay Bellwether current fees for Licensee’s Product or SaaS use that exceeds the Restricted Use License. The limitation of liability set forth in section ix does not apply to licensee’s use exceeding its license, or infringement or misappropriation of Bellwether intellectual property or confidential information.


A. Bellwether may terminate this Agreement or a License at any time without notice. This Agreement is effective until the first to occur: 1) the end of the Restricted Use Period; 2)  Licensee purchase of the general release version of Product or SaaS; or, 3) the date of Bellwether’s termination notice.

B. Upon termination: 1) Licensee will immediately return or destroy Product and Documentation, cease using SaaS, and provide written certification of destruction upon request, and 2) Bellwether may remove or discard Licensee Data.


“Intellectual Property” means all intellectual property including, without limitation, inventions, patents, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, trade names, trade secrets, know-how, moral rights, licenses, and any other intangible proprietary or property rights, whether or not patentable or otherwise subject to legally enforceable restrictions or protections against unauthorized third party usage or whether arising by statute or common law. Bellwether, its affiliates or licensors own and retain all right, title and interest to and in all intellectual property in Product and SaaS, including without limitation, inventions, patents, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, trade names, trade secrets, know-how, moral rights, licenses, developments, research data, designs, layout, models, formulae, documents, drawings, plans, specifications and other Bellwether information, proprietary materials and all derivative works, and any other intangible proprietary or property rights, whether or not patentable or otherwise subject to legally enforceable restrictions or protections against unauthorized third party use, or whether arising by statute or common law. To the extent that any right, title or interest in or to any Bellwether Intellectual Property may not automatically vest in Bellwether by operation of law, Licensee irrevocably transfers, assigns and conveys all right, title, and interest therein to Bellwether. At Bellwether’s request and expense Licensee will promptly take any action and execute any documents necessary to vest full title in Bellwether or its licensor.


Product, SaaS, Bellwether Intellectual Property, and benchmark test results are Bellwether’s confidential information (“Confidential Information”). Licensee will use Confidential Information solely according to the License Terms. Licensee will take commercially reasonable steps to safeguard Bellwether Confidential Information, including no less than the steps taken to protect its own Confidential Information. Licensee must promptly notify Bellwether in writing of unauthorized use or disclosure of Confidential Information and, at its expense, take all reasonable action to recover Confidential Information and prevent further unauthorized use or disclosure, including injunctive relief. If Licensee fails to do so, Bellwether may do so at Licensee’s expense. These Terms survive as long as Confidential Information is in Licensee’s possession. Confidential Information does not include information that is publicly available without Licensee’s breach of these Terms; proven to have been known by Licensee prior to this Agreement or independently developed by Licensee without breach of these Terms; or provided to Licensee without confidentiality obligation. Product is not deemed to be placed in the public domain by Bellwether.


A. Notwithstanding any other provision, bellwether provides restricted use product and saas “as is”, “as-available”, without warranty, representation or indemnity of any kind, express, implied, oral, written, statutory, or otherwise, including without limitation, warranty of merchantability, fitness for any purpose, or non-infringement, or that: 1) product or saas will be uninterrupted, error free, or operate in combination with any hardware, software, system, or data; 2) data will be accurate or reliable; 3) the quality of product, saas, or results or information obtained will meet licensee’s requirements or expectations; 4) errors or defects will be corrected; or 5) the service or server used to provide saas are free of viruses or other harmful components.

B. SAAS may be subject to limitation, delay, and other problems inherent in use of the internet and electronic communication and bellwether disclaims liability for resulting delay or delivery failure.

C. Licensee has sole responsibility for its use of product or saas or fulfilling licensee’s requirements or objectives in using restricted use product or saas and bellwether disclaims liability for any party’s act or omission in use of or reliance upon product or saas. Licensee’s sole remedy and recourse is to stop using product or saas and section v (b) will apply. This section viii describes bellwether’s sole liability for product or saas warranty.


A. Bellwether is not liable for (i) any consequential, indirect, special, punitive or incidental damages, (ii) any interruption of service, business or operations, cost of cover, goodwill, lost data, profits or revenue, or failure of a remedy to achieve its essential purpose. Bellwether is not liable for loss or damages, direct or indirect, resulting from licensee’s use or attempted use of product or SAAS, including, without limitation, claims based upon their sufficiency, reliability, timeliness, quality, security, suitability, truth, availability, completeness or accuracy.

B. The limitations in this section will apply to any damages, however caused, under any theory of liability, whether for breach of contract, tort, misrepresentation, negligence, use or performance of product or SAAS, or otherwise, and regardless of whether damages were foreseeable or not. Bellwether will not be liable for any claim brought more than 12 months after licensee became aware of the issue giving rise to the claim.

C. Except for death, bodily injury, tangible property damage, willful misconduct or fraud, and solely to the extent proximately caused by bellwether, bellwether is not liable for any damages that exceed the amount bellwether received from licensee for the restricted use product or SAAS giving rise to a claim. This section ix describes the total extent of bellwether’s liability for product or SAAS.


Licensee must comply with U.S., foreign, and international laws and regulations, including without limitation the U.S. Export Administration and Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control regulations, and other anti-boycott and import regulations.  Licensee agrees: (i) that the export, re-export, transfer, re-transfer, sale, supply, access to, or use of Product or SaaS to or in a country other than the country in which the Product or SaaS was first provided to Licensee, or to, by, or for a different end user or end use, may require a U.S. or other government license or other authorization; and (ii) not to, directly or indirectly, export, re-export, transfer, re-transfer, sell, supply, or allow access to or use of Product or SaaS to, in, by, or for sanctioned, embargoed, or prohibited countries, persons, or end uses under U.S. or other applicable law (collectively, “Prohibited Use“). Licensee is responsible for screening for Prohibited Use and obtaining any required licenses or other authorizations and shall indemnify Bellwether for any violation by Licensee of any applicable export controls and/or economic sanctions laws and regulations. Bellwether may terminate the Agreement and License immediately if Bellwether determines, in its sole discretion, that Licensee has breached, intends to breach, or insists upon breaching any of the provisions in this clause.


Product and SaaS includes “Commercial Computer Software” and “Commercial Computer Software Documentation.”  In accordance with Section 12.212 of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and Sections 227.7202-1 through 227.7202-4 of the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS), any use, duplication or disclosure of Product or SaaS by the U.S. Government or any of its agencies will be governed by and subject to all of the Terms, conditions, restrictions, and limitations of the Agreement. Use of Product or SaaS is agreement by the U.S. Government that Product or SaaS includes “commercial computer software” and “commercial computer software documentation” and is acceptance of the rights and restrictions in the Agreement. If for any reason Product or SaaS is not considered commercial or the Agreement Terms are otherwise deemed not to apply, the Product or SaaS will be deemed to be provided with “Restricted Rights” as defined in FAR 52.227-14(a) and FAR 52.227-14(g)(4) (Alt III), or DFARS 252.227-7014(a)(15) and DFARS 252.227-7014(b)(3), as applicable.


A. Integration. The Agreement sets forth the entire agreement of the parties and supersedes all prior oral and written agreements and understandings with respect to its subject matter. No waiver or modification of any provision of the Agreement is binding unless in writing signed by both parties. Bellwether’s failure to exercise a right or remedy is not a waiver. If an Agreement term is invalid, illegal or unenforceable, it will not affect any other Agreement term. The Agreement may not be assigned by Licensee.

B. Law. The laws of Illinois, USA, govern the Agreement, excluding conflict of law principles which would require application of the law of any other jurisdiction. Each party waives the right to jury trial for any legal action. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods and the Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act as adopted do not apply.

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  • “Since centralization and implementation of Bellwether Purchasing Software, employees cannot simply buy what they want. Now they are more informed. We have tools. We have better contract com- pliance, and we know what we spend. Bellwether Purchasing Software is a small investment, considering the ROI. A small financial investment upfront pays for itself many times over in the long run.”

    Louis Nicolosi,
    St. Anns Community

  • "The reports that Bellwether provides for inventory, receiving and purchasing are invaluable tools, like the PO status report. Anyone looking to save time, paper and labor should invest in Bellwether Purchasing Software. Tower has been a customer for over 20 years."

    Kathi Weldon,
    Tower Federal Credit Union

  • "We have very good experience with Bellwether Purchasing Software to control all our inventory products! Simple to use, and very accurate"

    James Muir,
    Arbella Insurance Warehouse (Insurance)

  • “When we implemented Bellwether Purchasing Software, the first thing we realized was a huge time savings. It cut our processing time in half. For example, the Lawson purchasing package required 12-15 clicks to get a printout of a PO. PMX requires 2 clicks. With 30-40 thousand purchase orders per year, the time savings were very significant. JNL first purchased Bellwether as a stand-alone system, but when new programmers came on board, they recommended that we upgrade to the new version. I don’t know how we functioned before Bellwether Purchasing Software."

    Lynn Arnston,
    Jackson National Life Company

  • "With two campuses and state laws requiring procedures for purchasing, Bellwether Purchasing Software has made my life easier."

    Denise White,
    Benton County School of the Arts (Higher Education)

  • "Our purchasing system was a manual excel spreadsheet. Very time consuming and not very user friendly. Bellwether Purchasing Software saves us time and makes purchasing much easier."

    Anna Couto,
    Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (Higher Education)

  • "Bellwether Purchasing Software has provided a revolution int the manner in which our company procures support material. We haven't been using this software very long, but i am sure we will realize additional benefits as we continue."

    Gary Sutton,
    Cincinnati Thermal Spray (Manufacturing)

  • "We immediately realized at least a 25% reduction in processing time when we implemented Bellwether Purchasing Software"

    Betty Trainor,
    Budget Motels, Inc

  • "The reporting features have helped me greatly. We have a report called Unmatched receivers that we did not have anything like it in our old system (MP2)."

    Shannon Ritter,
    Cincinnati Thermal Spray, Inc (Manufacturing)

  • "Adding Adhoc items to purchase orders is as easy as it gets with Bellwether!"

    Robert Sunday,
    CTS (Manufacturing)

  • "Has made the approval process easier by auomatically forwarding on to the next approver and providing notifications when a req is approved. Saves time by not having to constantly check to see if your req is approved."

    Kevin Kendall,
    CTS (Manufacturing)

  • "We use the Purchasing module a great deal as we generate a lot of ongoing purchase orders. The blanket PO is great, and the ability to track PO’s really helps. Now, I can put releases against a blanket PO and generate a concise, accurate report that accesses the history of the PO and supplies all the information that I need. The Requisitions module and the Receiving modules are also excellent and easy to use. The reports and historical records that all of the modules generate are invaluable tools for our organization."

    Lee Lee Raley,
    St. Mary's County Metropolitan Commission

  • "It makes purchasing so much easier."

    Amber McBride,
    CTS-Texas (Manufacturing)

  • "It has helped the company stay organized. We're very close to our budget because of Bellwether Purchasing Software, and for that, the company is very grateful!"

    Elizabeth DeLuca,
    Dicerna Pharmaceuticals (Healthcare)

  • "It has made me more efficient with running reports and researching solutions to various Procurement functions"

    Lisa Lee,
    Digital Risk (Financial Services)

  • “Watching vendors used to be impossible. Now, it is easy. Bellwether Purchasing Software can easily manage all the data flow, and this frees up managers’ time to look for competitive vendors.”

    Michael Allen,
    Allen Management

  • "Bellwether Purchasing Software has simplified our purchasing program"

    Paul Walsh,
    MA Dept of Public Health (State Government)

  • "The Bellwether Purchasing system has helped me orginize my quotes. It has also saved me time reviewing the quotes since I can export all the information in to into excel."

    Trevor Mentink,
    Manitowoc Cranes (Manufacturing)

  • "With a number of regional operating facilities our previous PMX setup required working through a remote setup. This was incredibly slow and we were limited to the number of users that could be logged in at a given time. New Bellwether Purchasing Software has increased our productivity and given us greater flexibility with writing purchase orders and preparing RFQs. We don't take full advantage of all the Bellwether features but what we do use has been bettered dramatcially."

    Adrian Domek,
    Natgun Tank Corporation (Manufacturing)

  • "We have been pleased with Bellwether Purchasing Software and are in the process of upgrading our current version to the newest version. With the new version, we won’t have to be dependent on local network reliability and traffic, and we will be able to use Bellwether Report Writer for all kinds of special reports. Also, as we grow, we have more Bellwether users. Currently, we have about 200 employees that use the Bellwether system, so the higher-octane version of Bellwether will allow us to process large amounts of data in a more efficient and timely manner. For the future, we may look at integrating Bellwether Purchasing with our accounting software, which Lawson provides.”

    Richard Karstensen,
    Detroit Newspapers

  • "Makes quoting a lot easier to our customer."

    John Weber,
    Ottenweller Company (Manufacturing)

  • "Bellwether Purchasing Software has allowed Precon to streamline the purchasing process through their easy-to-use menues. The cloud hosted access by Bellwether always ensures us that our data is backed up and the support in this area is fast and resolves any issues promptly. Love Bellwether Purchasing Software !"

    Deborah Dupree,
    Precon Tank Corporaton (Manufacturing)

  • "We moved from the application server based PMX software to Bellwether Purchasing Software recently. The hosted solution has had a great impact on the amount of time our Technology department has spent on support of this application. A great move and suggested for anyone who needs to lessen the internal support burden."

    Adam Rozek,
    State Employees Federal Credit Union (SEFCU) (Financial Services)

  • "Bellwether Purchasing Software has helped use streamline our purchasing process. The software was easy to implement and we have been able to reduce printing costs now that we are no longer using a paper based system. Thank! Belllwether"

    Phillip Morris,
    Thomas Road Baptist Church (Non-Profit)

  • “Being from a small university, Bellwether Purchasing Software is priced right for a small budget, but with the feel of a high-priced system. The modules have more check-offs to avoid double entries than other bigger packages.”

    William Agosta,
    St. Francis University

  • “Bellwether Purchasing Software is an affordable system that doesn’tcompromise on functionality or ease of use. Our department can now do twice the work in half the time. Bellwether has saved us thousands of dollars in administrative costs and bargaining clout. That’s money that goes straight to the bottom line.”

    Terry LaRock,
    Silicon Valley Bank

  • “Warehousing used to be a big problem for us. Our warehouse was overrun with supplies. With Bellwether Purchasing Software, we can order  according  to usage. It’s a good product. We made the right choice.”

    Tammy Vogel,
    Arizona Department of Veterans Services

  • “Because we are a state-funded college, we are required to conduct business in a certain way. For instance, we are required to bid out all goods and services. We have many repetitious items from year to year, so the material file, which contains all those items and their descriptions, really cuts down on the amount of work required to put a bid together. Everything is already set up, so the bidding process is greatly simplified and the time involved is minimal. The reporting capability of Bellwether Purchasing Software is also a great benefit for us because we have to submit reports regularly to the State of Idaho; for example, the activity report is generated monthly for the State."

    Sandi Dingman,
    Eastern Idaho Technical College

  • “I would recommend Bellwether Purchasing Software to any company that wants to save time and money. It’s a small monetary investment that yields huge returns by way of time and money saved.”

    Denise Robertson,
    Water and Electric – Carthage, MO

  • "We love Bellwether Purchasing Software– not only for the benefits of the software, but also because the technical staff is outstanding. Whenever I have a question or problem, they  are  there. The customer service is excellent!”

    Aaron Hagen,
    Tyco Plastics

  • “If a company is concerned about the cost of Bellwether Purchasing Software, it shouldn’t be. The software is reasonably priced, and it pays for itself right away – about three months for us. The time and money savings are great. It cut our purchasing cycle time in half. We wouldn’t be without it."

    Joe Tardi,
    Cole Taylor Bank

  • “What I notice is the big difference with Bellwether software, it is written by people that were apparently in purchasing, they were hands on, and get how it works.”

    Carol Meador,
    Lexington Health Network

  • "The Bellwether program has been very dependable and has many options to suit our business. This is easy for users to learn. Best program for the money. Support is great and people are wonderful. Great company to do business with. "

    Dawen Allen,
    WSFS Bank

  • "Bellwether works great for purchasing controls. Great Support staff that is willing to find a way to make a good fit. This is a great tool to help managers realize their budgets. I would recommend this to companies that want to get their spending under control."

    Toni Ballla,
    Tel Hai Retirement Communities

  • "We chose Bellwether Purchasing Software because of its ease of use and its affordabilit."

    Michelle E,
    City of Seward

  • "As a fundrasier, I have to keep track of a myriad of details for our fundraising events, and it has to be PERFECT! Bellwether allows me to look back and see EXACTLY what was ordered and from what vendor, which not only aids in my tracking of expenses but helps tremendously when planning recurring events."

    Jeannie Robinson-Pownell,
    Tel Hai Retirement Communities

  • Compared to our old software, BellwetherPurchasing Software is so much easier to use for tracking, running reports and even making purchase orders.

    Bill Cunningham,
    Cincinatti Thermal Spray

  • "With Bellwether Purchasing Software, ordering is so easy- it only takes a about one minute to place the order, which is a big benefit compared to normal ordering where we have to fill the PO, ask for prices, etc. I really love Bellwether Purchasing Software!"

    Shrirang K,
    Discerna Pharmaceuticals

  • "Bellwether Purchasing Software has made our purchasing process more fluent and flexible. Submitting requisitions has never been easier!"

    Gage P,
    Eastern Idaho Technical College

  • "Bellwether Purchasing Software has streamlined our requisition system and helped in eliminating unnecessary steps in filling supply orders".

    Frank Petrillo,
    The Denver Post

  • "Being new to the company is always a challenge and when presented with Bellwether Purchasing Software along with my job I was a bit anxious but I was pleasantly surprised at the ease and ergonomics of this product. I would highly recommend this to new and advanced users."

    Stephen Dilworth,
    Transdev Busselton (Services)

  • "Bellwether's convenient SaaS model integrates with many AP applications enabling you to pay your vendors while working through the ePmx system."

    Jody Shoop,
    Integrated Systems

  • "Bellwether Purchasing Software works for us Punch-out capability. Very reliable web based- nothing to deploy on servers or desktops. It's low cost, it works, it doesn't break as software goes - what more can one ask for?"

    Timothy Allen,
    Integrated Systems

  • "This (Software as a Service, SaaS) perhaps provides one of the most compelling reasons to investigate the Bellwether offering more than the posted accolades from satisfied clients, or the well thought-out and detailed solution specifications provided in their decision-support material. Specifically, and even more so than their enduring (albeit humble) market presence, is that they recognized a trend 30 years ago and acted upon it… … And while the majority of vendors (both large and small) are all heralding their versions of this “new” pricing structure (for SaaS), Bellwether is not rushing to jump on the bandwagon. The reason of course is quite simple, they built the bandwagon."

    Jon Hansen,
    Purchasing Insignts

  • "Bellwether Purchasing Software helps us to be more effective in producing our POs and Requisitions. It has streamlined our operations all without compromising quality".

    Oliver Nava,
    Tecnon Supply

  • “It’s hard to quantify in dollars and percentages how much money, time and efficiency we gained with the implementation of Bellwether Purchasing Software."

    Vicky Hopf,
    Quick Chek Food Stores


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