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Request for Quotation Software

Bellwether Purchasing Software is a robust and full-featured software with modules that fit the needs of many small to medium sized business. Request for Quotation is one of our most popular modules with the ability to be used as a stand-alone unit or used in conjunction with other Bellwether Purchasing Software modules for a fully integrated procurement system. This request for quotation software, also called sourcing software, will help your business in the procurement process of finding the best pricing for all items requested. This web-based software works to help you manage your vendors and files for material management in an easy-to-use manner.

Benefits of Bellwether Purchasing Software Request for quotation

There are two basic methods of entry to get the process started: one is to generate the Request for Quotation, or RFQ, from an existing requisition; the other is enter the items you’d like to receive bids on and select the vendors you you want to invite into the bidding process.

From here the software takes over by submitting the RFQ to the designated vendors by fax or email. You can also opt to print the RFQ and submit manually. At any point during the process you can modify your RFQ and resubmit the changes to all the vendors. As quotes are received you enter them back into the software for comparison and analysis of all costs, discounts, shipping charges, and length of time until the order can be filled. View the analysis online or print to help you make a more informed decision with all the information outlined for you.

Bellwether Purchasing Software eprocurement software RFQ status inquiry gives you up-to-the-second tracking of bids, including:

  • Vendor’s bid information
  • The successful vendor receiving the bid and the final purchase order.
  • Detailed status report information on all RFQs entered into the system and the Purchase Order to which they were converted.
  • Data on open or closed RFQs organized by RFQ, vendor, item, commodity, buyer and date require

The Bellwether Purchasing Software software will take the information from the RFQ and the successful vendor’s bid and automatically convert it into a Purchase Order pending approval of the designated management. The rules and processes are adjustable to your specifications.