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Receiving Module

Bellwether EPMX Purchasing Software: Receiving Module


Bellwether Purchasing Software Receiving Module is a perfect complement for Bellwether Purchasing Software Purchasing Module.

For procurement management, the days of filing a copy of the purchase order to act as a receiving document are over. Simply call up the Purchase Order and enter the quantity received and quantity rejected counts online.

Bellwether Purchasing Software e-purchasing software immediately alerts users to early shipments and shipments over/under expected quantities. And with the e-procurement software, you can even print a receiving ticket to accompany received items. With Bellwether Purchasing Software: Receiving Software, you have instant on-line access to procurement management of all open orders and receiving information.

Key benefits of the Bellwether Purchasing Software for receiving:


  • Bellwether Purchasing Software e-procurement software’s Quick Entry feature automatically generates quantity received counts for all open items on a purchase order.
  • For partial shipments, Bellwether Purchasing Software lets you enter multiple receipts for a single Purchase Order. You can even enter different units of measure from the Purchase Order- Bellwether Purchasing Software will do the conversion for you!
  • Bellwether Purchasing Software automatically updates the status of open purchase orders as you enter material receipts. Inventory balances are also updated for users who have installed the Inventory module.
  • Bellwether Purchasing Software updates vendor performance statistics based on your receipt entry.
  • The module includes a complete set of ready-to-use expediting reports that tracks open orders and analyzes receiving information.
  • Standard Receiving reports include:
    • Open Purchase Order Status Report prints open orders scheduled for delivery during a specified period.
    • Overdue Purchase Order Status Report prints orders not received by the vendor’s committed date.
    • Closed Purchase Order Report prints orders closed during a specified period.
    • Receiving Report prints materials received during a specified period.
  • The Vendor Performance Report prints each vendor’s delivery and quality performance percentages.
  • The Accounts Payable Receiving Report prints purchase order and receiving information for invoice matching.