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Our Top 4 Most Viewed Purchasing Blog Posts

These 4 blog posts have been the most viewed over the past year. Take a look and hopefully they can help bring some new thoughts or forgotten topics back to mind.


#1: The Benefits of Local Sourcing & Procurement

Take another look at local suppliers, think creatively, and see if local procurement can now work better for your business.

#2 Tactical Procurement in Your Organization  

We must first define exactly what tactical procurement is, how it works an why it can be such a great benefit for your business.

#3 Maximize Cost Savings with Procurement KPIs






Examining KPIs can help your purchasing department focus in on the areas that will maximize cost savings for your business.

#4 The Kraljic Matrix for Procurement 

The Kraljic Matrix helps companies to use to minimize their procurement vulnerabilities while simultaneously maximizing the buying power.









May 22, 2014
BY Bellwether

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