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Mainstream Fiber Networks are pioneers of reliable gigabit internet for Indiana communities that need it most with a 100% fiber optic connection. Founded by Bryan Gabriel, Mainstream Fiber Networks is proud to be able to provide affordable, high-speed internet to rural areas across the state of Indiana and now services over 8,000 homes.

``We needed a single source solution to enhance our procurement strategies in which we could have an end-to-end holistic supply chain picture. By not being able to track purchases with a single software solution, we were consistently running into inconsistencies in our inventory counts at our various company locations, which affected our overall service ability and slowed down our overall service completion time.``

Ann Yates
Purchasing Manager

The Challenge

As a growing company, expanding to neighboring communities, Mainstream Fiber Networks realized that they needed to have better tracking and visibility in their in-house inventory, which included purchases made of several products that were going in and out of 3 different company locations.

Unified tracking of inventories across multiple locations.
Accurate tracking of all purchases
Ability to track over 1,000 unique items
Simultaneous tracking of up to 600 part numbers at any given moment.

``We were tracking our inventory in one software and our procurement needs in another. From one location to another our accounting team kept finding discrepancies that needed to be fixed which ended eating 8-10 hours of extra reconciliation work every week.``

The Strategy

Growth and expansion to other regions is always a challenge. Having a single software that can give “real time” accounts of inventory and purchases was a priority to help streamline internal processes and save valuable time.

Bellwether focussed on delivering an all in one procurement software system and highlighted the following features to immediately alleviate their pain points;

Track everything in one system. This included; purchase orders, quotes, vendor login, invoices and inventory tracking for all their items for each of their locations.
Integrated inventory tracking solution.
QuickBooks integration so they could easily link up to their accounting software.
Bellwether needed to ensure the new software could easily import all of their current data.
The software needed to be able to input and pull information from two different data sets which included their old procurement software and their asset and inventory tracking software.

The Results


A month saved

By eliminating reconciliation errors through a single system


Items tracked

Including 600+ unique part numbers from one system


Locations covered

Saving countless hours in logistics, and administration

Greater Visibility
Users groups have visibility into inventory supplies and upcoming purchase requests for all locations.
Greater Scalability
The company now has more confidence to continue to scale their business efficiently.
Greater Accuracy
Managers can see all procurement process data including order history, overall spending and remaining budget.

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