BPMNow-How It Works — Bellwether


Self-serve Setup

With BPMNOW, you are in control from start to finish. Just signup and you will be ready to go within an hour.



Eliminate paper requisitions, approval bottlenecks, overspending and spreadsheets with Bellwether’s rapid requisitions!

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Automate Approvals

Create multiple levels of approvals or auto-approval process to bring full transparency & cut wasteful spending.

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Purchase Orders (POs)

In just two clicks a requisition is a PO – simple. With BPMNOW, you now have confidence in what has been approved, purchased, or received – so you can relax and focus on what matters.

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Reliable Receiving

Get fast, simple and reliable two-way shipment and details matching. Stay on top of early shipments and shipments over/under expected quantities and automatically generate quantity received counts for all open items on a purchase order.

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Still have questions? Watch the full demo to learn all you need.
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