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Training Library

Bellwether Purchasing Software: Video Training Library

Below are recorded training sessions for Bellwether Purchasing Software. For the best viewing experience, click on the four arrows icon in the viewer located at the bottom right:



Bellwether Purchasing Software Requisitions Training Webinar

  • Enter requisitions, approve requisitions, and check on requisition status.

Bellwether Purchasing Software Quotations Training Webinar

  • Enter request for quotation, create request for quotation from a requisition, enter vendor bids, and check on status of request for quotation and bid information

Bellwether Purchasing Software Purchasing & Receiving Training Webinar

  • Multiple ways to enter a purchase order:
    • From: scratch, a previous order, a requisition, blanket PO, and releases against them
  • Associate a purchase order with an existing contract for the vendor, approve purchase orders,check on status of purchase orders
  • Enter receipt of a purchase order, run inquiries and reports for closed, open and overdue purchase orders

Bellwether Purchasing Software Inventory Training Webinar

  • Enter inventory transactions and transfer items between warehouses
  • Do physical inventory and reorder low stock items
  • Use the bar code feature for physical inventory and stock requisition disbursement

Bellwether Purchasing Software Invoice Training Webinar

  • Enter invoices using match between purchase orders and receipts.
  • Run the bridge option to pass the invoices to their accounting software application.
  • Run reports and inquiries to check on the status of invoiced and un-invoiced purchase orders.


Bellwether Purchasing Software Master Files Training Webinar

  • Corporation record settings
  • Settings for the requisition, quotation, purchasing, receiving, inventory and invoice Bellwether Purchasing Software modules
  • Add and maintain all the master and control files
  • Set up and change operation rules on the corporation record

Bellwether Purchasing Software Utilities Training Webinar

  • Set up access rights for each user class
  • Import the master files and control files
  • Purge files
  • Clear ownership IDs and workstation IDs


Approvals and Budgets within Bellwether Purchasing Software

  • Set up approval hierarchies
  • Modifying fields on Employee record that deal with the approval process
  • Email approval Links
  • Approval set up for Requisitions, Purchase Orders, and Invoices
  • Proxy Approvers
  • Setup the Budget information on the G/L Account Code records
  • Settings on Corporation record for Budgets on Requisitions, Purchase Orders, and Invoices

PO and Additional Documents Settings

  • Access additional settings that you can use to control the display contents and appearance of your PO, Requisition, and RFQ documents. The settings are divided into 3 groups. Each group represents a general area of the document: Header & Miscellaneous, Line Item Details, Totals & Footer. Within each group, the settings are arranged in the basic layout order, so that the first settings control the top of the area and the remaining settings continue down to the bottom of the designated area.
  • Add the Company Logo to the document, include the buyer’s signature, generate multiple copies (plies), just to name a few.

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