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The Perils of Manual Purchasing Processes

Picture this: You’ve been given the go ahead to initiate a major project; or perhaps your department is in desperate need of supplies. Now the fun begins, particularly if this is a manual process.

You determine what you need, if it’s within your budget and present to your manager for approval. This sits on their desk, buried for too long, and finally comes back to you with multiple changes or a rejection. So you make your revisions and begin the process again, watching your precious request sit on multiple desks.

After the long process for approval you can finally begin to submit an RFQ to your selected vendors, present to management again and go to the purchasing department hoping they will efficiently launch the PO. This results in a long time waiting, a long manual process, valuable employees wasting too much time on what should be an efficient process; and TIME IS MONEY.

You know your company should focus on being profitable and productive in an efficient manner. You know your company needs a way to streamline their purchasing processes. You know you need change.

Why does this have to be so long and so painful? Why can’t the process of trying to make money and stay in business be easier, more efficient, and streamlined in a fashion suitable for this new decade? Why is it that the executives have no idea how much money has been spent on non-payroll spending?

Change can be frightening, but the unwillingness to change can be extremely detrimental to the success of your company.

Do your homework, explore your options. Only purchase what you need and make sure the Purchasing Management software you choose has a strong implementation, training and support team; and is Sarbanes-Oxley compliant.

That’s what we do at Bellwether.

February 8, 2010
BY Bellwether

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