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Software Allows Law Firms To Work In The Cloud Without Losing Time & Money

Law firms face tremendous pressure to improve their profitability, with regard to billable hours, fees, and earnings. Purchase to pay software helps offices improve cost transparency between employees and clients, check budgets easier, manage disbursements, speed up invoicing, automate collaboration with vendors and reduce IT expenditures.

What Is Purchase To Pay?

In business, purchase to pay refers to activities like requesting, purchasing, receiving and paying for goods and services. Usually this system involves planning, budgeting and invoicing processes along the way. Automation is a growing trend in purchase to pay processes because it allows law offices to reduce processing times, improve efficiency and save money. Purchase to pay technology harmonizes the relationships between buyers and payers, reducing the operational hurdles many law offices face.

What Is Procurement To Pay?

The Procurement to pay system links the purchasing department with the finance department. Planning, forecasting and supply chain management are not as important with procurement to pay, but law offices still maintain control and visibility of the entire purchase process (from ordering to invoice payment). Using procurement to pay software reduces the burdens of paperwork, cuts back on inefficiencies and improves interdepartmental communication.

What Does “In The Cloud” Mean?

“In The Cloud” computing refers to the use of multiple servers that connect using the World Wide Web. Lawyers can connect with assistants, paralegals, clients and other third parties to work on a case this way. They may access in the cloud data from their iPads, laptops, PCs, or mobile devices, which makes on-the-go work possible.

If you’re a law firm looking for software that will give you better control, transparency and organization within your business, then look no further. Bellwether is an easy, powerful and affordable purchasing system that promises to make work much more efficient.

March 22, 2012
BY Bellwether

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