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Purchasing Software Is No Longer Optional

While most companies have already realized the vital role of technology in procurement, a recent move by Cisco really drove this point home. Cisco announced that their former chief information officer was becoming their senior vice president of operations. And of her duties, Cisco’s supply chain is at the top of the list. Because of the sheer size of Cisco, this move really makes it clear just how crucial technology has become in regards to the supply chain and the role of purchase managers. That’s why over fifty percent of CPOs have clear plans to increase their investments in technology during 2015.

Getting Up to Speed on Procurement Technology

The point when technology started to become an essential part of purchasing can be traced back to about twenty years ago. Since then, the role of technology in procurement has grown on an often exponential basis. From budget tolerances to big data, technology has become indispensable for any company that cares at all about their purchasing process. Not only can technology make the process more effective, but it can also ensure that important tasks like compliance are properly managed.

Finance Departments Are Focusing on Technology

It wasn’t that long ago when many purchasing departments felt like they were a kind of island within their organization. But even though tight integration was rarely the norm, that tide has shifted. In recent years, departments like finance are working closely with purchase managers. They’ve  started to understand just how much purchasing automation can help move the needle for a company when this department is using the right kinds of purchasing software.

The Right Type of Purchasing Software for Small and Mid Market Businesses

Although it’s useful for smaller businesses to stay on top of the trends that are shaping the corporate landscape, the specific tools being used in a corporate environment may not be the optimal fit for a smaller organization. If you’re a purchasing manager for a small or mid market business, you need purchasing software that can adapt to the customized work flows you deal with on a regular basis.

In order to be effective, PO software needs to be easy to use. From vendor research to streamlining the approval process, this type of system only works when it makes employees lives easier. That’s why so many purchasing managers in small and mid market businesses love Bellwether Purchasing Software. Our software is packed with features to meet your purchasing automation needs. However, those features weren’t added just for the sake of having a long list of things to brag about.

Instead, Bellwether Purchasing Software was specifically built with small business and mid market purchasing managers in mind. This focus means the software is very intuitive to use and has all the features that managers need to fully optimize the purchasing process! Contact us today to learn how Bellwether Purchasing Software can help your company meet their purchasing goals or try our Live Demo.



July 31, 2015
BY Bellwether

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