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Purchasing in the Cloud: How Does it Relate to the Legal Industry? (Part One)

Purchasing in the cloud is hardly a new concept, but as the years go by more and more industries are beginning to take advantage of procure-to-pay services.  The legal industry is one field that can greatly benefit from using cloud-based procurement software, but many legal practices have not yet updated their procedures to incorporate this novel way to keep track of inventory and place purchase orders as they are needed.  The following information will explain how businesses involved in the legal industry can benefit from utilizing purchase to pay services.

Rather than entrusting the operations of a law practice to one individual, medium and large sized firms may create a procurement department so that there are several individuals available to research items and to purchase them as needed.  However, even in that scenario, your purchasing department is only as good as the individual therein, and if they fail to perform their designated tasks appropriately, the work will fall on your shoulders once more and you may have to dig yourself out of a tight situation if you run out of key items that are essential for the operation of your legal practice.  Purchase-to-pay services are a convenient option that provides law firms with the ability to entrust these duties to a dedicated entity that is designed specifically to complete the tasks that your business requires.  Many legal business owners and attorneys overlook this concept because they incorrectly assume that it just won’t work for a legal practice, or because they think that it does not make sense financially to go outside of the company to obtain this type of services.  That could not be further from the truth!  Let us examine how procurement to pay services in the cloud can save you money:

1. Purchase-to-Pay Services Eliminate Your Need for a Procurement Department

If you are truly committed to streamlining your business and driving down costs so you can turn a larger profit, it may not seem like the best financial decision to go outside of the law firm in order to make your needed purchases.  However, if you use procure to pay software, you will no longer need an entire procurement department and can instead have a specialist who is well trained in the software and who can also dedicate other hours on the clock to other job duties.  You will no longer need to have individuals within a procurement department for communications tasks or administration duties, which as you know can save you a great deal of money.  Plus you will not have to worry about inconsistencies within a procurement department due to the large number of individuals who are involved in each individual transaction or purchase order because you will only need to employ one or two individuals and provide them with the necessary training and education to enable them to use your new software effectively and efficiently.  Just think of all of the other software programs that you will be able to cut out by adding one new type of software to your business?  

August 14, 2012
BY Bellwether

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