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Procure to Pay as a Public Service

Procure to pay options are not new, but yet many business today are still using a paper-based purchasing system. Its services are a convenient and economical option for businesses of all sizes, whether small and growing or big and established companies. E-procurement systems can save your business thousands of dollars which could be redirected into other areas of your enterprise to maximize growth.

Many businesses find that the investment in e-procurement software literally pays for itself in a matter months due to the saving incurred by the option. It is one of the easiest and most innovative methods of procurement for financial organizations today. Despite some businesses that tend to favor more conventional ways of procurement and are slow to change, this has quickly become a popular method of procurement across many industries including those that merge public service and business such as credit unions.

Purchasing software bridges the communication gap between suppliers and consumers for a wide variety of products. Product catalogs for every imaginable office item from different suppliers are available 24/7 and are displayed in real time.

Credit unions benefit a great deal from purchasing in the cloud. Credit unions are established to promote thrift and provide exclusive financial benefits among its members. A credit union is assembled with a non-profit agenda. Their primary purpose is public service. Now that may sound contradicting to most notions of financial institutions today which are built primarily for profit. That is what makes credit unions special; utilizing the same means of increasing capital value for a different end, one that rebates their profit back to its owners, which are its members.

With the ability to multiply its base monetary resources, it also has the responsibility to allocate it wisely and strategically in order to minimize operational costs. Minimizing its operational costs is a public service in itself as it allows more resource allocation for other needs of the credit union including, but not limited to, securing its funds and providing various loans to its members.

The conventional way of procurement is long and tedious, not to mention costly. Organizations waste a significant amount of money to this process. Since it’s an integral process to the operation of the organization as a whole, procurement software can work to gain better control of that spend. In short, purchase to pay services is in itself a public service by helping a non-profit credit union better serve its members.

April 12, 2012
BY Bellwether

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