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P2P and the Cloud – Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is going to be experiencing a lot of demands from the aging Baby Boomers. There are plenty of work opportunities for those who are interested to become nurses, doctors, etc. With the demand for better and highly effective services, healthcare facilities are also trying hard to organize their administrative functions.

The healthcare industry has used manual processes for years, which means dealing with tons of paperwork. This often leads to missed opportunities because of the inefficiency in the system. This is not good for the facilities because it results in limited visibility, high costs of processing, and adversarial relationships with third parties or even clients.

Utilizing procurement to pay solutions, the organization or company can easily manage procurement and accounts payable. This is also called P2P processes and it usually involves electronic invoicing that is linked with supplier applications and accounting systems.

Procurement to pay can be used for different areas such as PO Management, Electronic Invoicing, Supplier Enablement, Automated Workflow, Electronic Receipts, Discount Capture, Price Compliance, analytics, and reporting. You can find third party companies that offer these services, and by doing your homework, you can find the best deal.

The healthcare industry is also trying hard to cut down the costs. In order to operate or spend efficiently, you will benefit greatly from P2P. Purchase to pay is very important in competing within the industry. Despite the widespread consolidation and revenue drops, there is still a chance for the healthcare facility to become profitable. You have to simplify the business to cut down the costs.  Some of the things that you should look into are online vendor catalog, automated material management, electronic approval workflows, database for centralized spending, and non-PO management.

Aside from P2P, you also have to look at the ‘cloud’. Recent technological advancements have many experts talking about the ‘cloud’. In fact, open a magazine or turn on the television and you are likely to find an advertisement for cloud computing. For the healthcare industry, this is another important aspect to consider. Cloud computing can help healthcare facilities in handling their expenditures properly.

There are many benefits that you can get from using purchasing software in the cloud. It can be complex for some healthcare facilities but the right service provider will keep it simplify and easy to use. Through economies of scale, you can save costs by using the cloud. This is about sharing resources with others within the industry. The investment cost will be greatly reduced and you can also accelerate the operations.

For the expenses needed during the operations of facilities, you can make use of operational expenditures instead of getting the funds from the capital. The growth of healthcare data is unusual. It is hard to interpret but you can avoid this by simply making use of the cloud. With proper application of the cloud, you can also open opportunities for the facility that were once unattainable because of the high costs. Before you decide to opt for the cloud computing, you need to conduct some research.

The P2P and the cloud are very important things that you should know if you want to succeed in the healthcare industry.

March 20, 2012
BY Bellwether

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