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Optimal Procurement Means Greater Profitability

One of the reasons that procurement has moved into the corporate spotlight in recent years is because more organizations are realizing the direct impact it can have on profitability. Thanks to that direct impact, companies are putting a lot of focus on ensuring that the fundamentals of procurement are being handled in the best way possible. Although it’s frustrating for a company to learn that suboptimal procurement practices have been costing them money for an extended period of time, the upside is that once these issues are addressed, a business can get on the right track and stay there as they continue to move forward.

When a business starts looking into their existing approach to procurement, one question that often comes up is what fundamentals need to be in place in order for everything to operate as efficiently as possible. As we’ll see shortly, there are actually several answers to that question. The link that ties them all together is the need for them to be manageable and scalable. While best practices are important, they only have an impact when there is a reliable way to utilize them daily.

Purchasing Software is the Best Way to Optimize Procurement

Since most procurement departments can tell stories about things getting off track despite having strong guidelines in place, purchasing software is a welcome solution for small and mid-market businesses. What makes this kind of software so powerful is it can take the procurement practices your business wants to follow and ensure that they are in place on a daily basis. And because this type of software is so easy to use, your entire business will be able to enjoy both optimal procurement practices and maximum productivity.

Because this type of software has the ability to deliver very big benefits, many people want to know exactly what kind of features it offers. The first key feature is the ability to automate purchasing processes. Not only do customized work flows greatly increase efficiency, but they also eliminate the need for procurement departments to use large amounts of paper.

The second important feature of purchasing software is being able to set and actually enforce budget thresholds. Instead of constantly being distracted by maverick spending, purchasing managers using quality software can focus on the tasks that will have the biggest impact on their company’s bottom line.

Several other features worth mentioning are the ability to use this software without IT support, having access to historical data to leverage vendor pricing and excellent usability that makes it easy to get everyone within a company to start using the software. The combination of all these features is why purchasing software is a great fit for any company that wants to enable procurement to play a direct part in growth.To see all the features we just covered in action, be sure to head over to our Free Live Demo page or sign up for a 30 Day Free Trial– no credit card needed.




August 22, 2015
BY Bellwether

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