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Is Your Procurement Job Boring?

Over a period of time as a procurement professional your job may look boring. In such a scenario your comprehension of performing your duties so as to professionally interact with the other workers can be greatly reduced. Also the co-workers and clients may be forced to consider your actions when you’re bored as laziness which will also have a drastic impact on your career. Here are a few reasons why such a situation arises.

Not many challenges left: As a procurement professional, at any point of time you may feel that your job is not as challenging or mentally engaging as it once was and start to feel a sense of boredom creep in. Think back to when you first started in the industry or at your current company. New responsibilities, learning the ins and out of the company, and getting up to speed on current best practices was a challenge that you rose to meet. However, with the passage of time you may feel you have arrived and duties of your job are repetitious and don’t require much thought. Boredom, if left unchecked can lead to mistakes.

Job Satisfaction: Your job as a purchasing professional becomes boring if it no is no longer able to meet your professional expectations. Satisfaction is tied to feeling challenged and worthwhile, but it goes beyond that. It may also be that your employer hasn’t given the credit which you actually deserve. Another possibility is being assigned tasks that you feel are “below” you. Such feelings result in frustration, resentment or anger from these and other workplace issues.

Health/Emotional Issues: When you are facing health issues yourself or in your family your perspective on life changes. Or maybe there are emotional challenges at home. Before you know it those health or emotional challenges became the primary focus and importance in your life. Things that were once important are no longer. As you perspective changes your job becomes unimportant or boring. There is also a physical component to these issues. An example can be that you skip meals and don’t drink enough fluids while at work. Fatigue and boredom set in as a result of dehydration.

If any of this describes you check back next week for some tips and suggestions on overcoming boredom in your procurement job.

April 17, 2014
BY Bellwether

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