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The reports that Bellwether provides for inventory, receiving and purchasing are invaluable tools, like the PO status report. Anyone looking to save time, paper and labor should invest in Bellwether Purchasing Software. Tower has been a customer for over 25 years.

Kathi Weldon
Tower Feder Credit Union

Bellwether's BPM is 100% web-based and is the proven purchasing
software for small to midsize businesses.

Increased Efficiency Saves Money

BPM makes the purchasing process more efficient & helps companies reduce supply costs, cut administrative costs, shorten the length of the purchase cycle.

Gain Control of Spending

Company defined approval levels help eliminate maverick purchasing. With BPM software, managers achieve greater transparency into corporate spending at all levels of the organization and every stage.
Customize Workflow

Customize Workflow

Customizable workflows provide controls for establishing budget tolerances & thresholds, and an automated, web-based PO process free up precious time better spent on vendor research & negotiations.

Access anywhere, anyplace

100% web-based software offers flexibility and customization for your specific needs. ePMX is available to an unlimited number of users. Company information is kept safe and secure.

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Since centralization & implementation of ePMX, employees cannot simply buy what they want. Now they are more informed. We have tools. We have better contract compliance, & we know what we spend. ...is a small investment, considering ROI. A small financial investment upfront pays for itself many times over in the long run.

Louis Nicolosi
St. Anne's Community, Rochester, NY

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We use the Purchasing and Inventory modules a great deal as we generate a lot of ongoing purchase orders and track inventory. The blanket PO is great, and the ability to track POs really helps. Now, I can put releases against a blanket PO & generate a concise, accurate report that accesses the history of the PO & supplies all the information that I need.

Lee Lee Raymond
St. Mary's County Metropolitan Commission
Southern Maryland

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"We love Bellwether Purchasing Software– not only for the benefits of the software, but also because the technical staff is outstanding. Whenever I have a question or problem, they are there. The customer service is excellent!”

Aaron Hagen
Tyco Plastics

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