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How The ePMX: Receiving Module Works For SMBs

If you’re a business owner you know about the trouble and time it takes to efficiently manage the orders you receive on a daily basis, not to mention all the paperwork that traditionally goes along with it. Advanced technology, such as the ePMX: Receiving Module, ensures that the process of receiving orders is now easier. Receiving software, or e-receiving, is a type of software that allows business owners to get information quickly on new shipments from suppliers and provides for the ability to print out receiving tickets, contracts and receipts to give to suppliers.

So how can the ePMX: receiving software help your businesses manage its receiving activities better? This software allows you to create more than one receipt for a single order and enter the number of units and prices of the items in the order. The ePMX: Receiving software updates your inventory data so you won’t have to deal with hours of paperwork. This software has vendor performance statistics and it includes receiving reports that feature information on your current orders, past orders and invoice tracking.

Another good thing about ePMX: receiving module is that you can complete your information on the Internet making it both quick and simple to do. You can have confidence about the safety of your company information because the security features included will ensure that your data won’t be compromised.

The ePMX: receiving software is affordable and it quite simply, makes life easier. Consider the fact that this software is easy to set up on the computer and allows you to share information you enter in the software with fellow employees. Traditional paper-based purchasing management often takes a lot of time and creates mountains of stress. Have you ever misplaced a document? What about trying to locate the appropriate paperwork when the delivery is made a day earlier than expected? With ePMX: receiving software you can manage your orders properly and reduce waste in the office.

In conclusion, ePMX: software makes operations easier for purchasing departments. They no longer have to spend hours or days calling their vendors or wondering how they’re going to prepare accurate purchase orders or receipts. This receiving software uses advanced technology to ease relations between business owners and vendors. The ePMX: receiving software does the work for you and you can breathe easier. 

May 8, 2012
BY Bellwether

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