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How the ePMX: Purchasing Module works for SMBs

About ePMX: Purchasing Software:

The ePMX: purchasing software is designed in such a manner that it is almost like you’ve added more people to your purchasing team. The automatic rules and process you can set reflect upon your wishes and desires for a professional approach. The ePMX: purchasing software allows you to quickly and effectively create purchase orders on the basis of requested quotations, requisitions and old purchase orders. It also allows you to create purchase orders on the basis of vendors or the service or material you wish to purchase. Vendor management and material file management capabilities are built into this e-procurement software. This serves to considerably speed up the process of purchasing. It also incorporates emails and fax interfaces for this purpose. This purchasing software also allows you to balance the existing and required quantity of material by maintaining EOQ or Economic Order Quantity.

How ePMX: is better for SMBs:

The reason why the ePMX: purchasing software is used for Small to Medium Businesses, or SMBs, is because it provides a completely web based system to streamline processes and manage the current expenditures of the organization. SMBs don’t need massive software systems that do it all; They require modularity and customization in a system. The e-procurement software satisfies this need of SMBs. The ePMX: Purchasing Software is preferred is because it does not force you to buy standard modules which may or may not be needed by your business. It provides you with only those modules which fully satisfy your business needs.

Small and medium sized businesses or the SMBs are therefore switching to the ePMX: Purchasing Software and taking full advantage of the Purchasing Module. SMBs are tight on money and cannot handle any financial indiscretions. The ePMX: Purchasing Module helps organize and control spend while also saving time. Managers are able to closely monitor any and all purchases made. On the other side of the coin it also helps to stop unauthorized purchases. The ePMX: purchasing software helps the PO managers to control and manage the PO process electronically by establishing expenditure limits, monitor acquisitions and lastly prevent any kind of maverick purchasing. They set company defined approval hierarchies to control trivial purchases in the organization.

It also saves you considerable amount of money by eliminating any kind of installation or IT support cost. The complete setup takes place very smoothly and the time taken depends on the number of modules wanted in addition to the Purchasing Module. All these features make ePMX: purchasing software the perfect system for SMBs. 

October 29, 2013
BY Bellwether

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