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How The ePMX: Punch-Out Module Works For SMBs

In most cases, SMBs are likely to have quite a few vendors for every type of product that may be needed from time to time. Multiple vendors imply that there are multiple vendor catalogs that any SMB would have to consider while purchasing and in the process spend time and money. Trying to browse through multiple vendor catalogs from different sources would not only be time consuming but would certainly have administrative costs for an SMB.

The ePMX: Punch-Out module adds a new dimension to purchasing software. The ePMX: system itself is a highly integrated and resourceful platform that caters to almost every purchasing requirement for SMBs. With the ePMX: Punch-Out module, the entire experience of tackling vendor catalogs and purchase controls have become easier and save both time and money.

How the ePMX: Punch-Out module works is pretty simple, but some of the simplest things are often the most helpful. While on the Requisition page of the system, one can access the websites of different vendors from within the software. The abundance of external vendor catalogs are linked to the central requisition system and purchase control of the ePMX: software. Once you are done browsing through the multiple vendor catalogs, there is a Punch-Out feature which can enable one to choose the items from specific vendors that are to be requisitioned.

Once the desired items and vendors have been selected, the ePMX: Punch-Out system pulls back all the selected items and all the information back to the ePMX: software and displays accordingly on the Requisition screen. The remaining steps fall right into line as if any other traditional requisition had been placed. The items can be reviewed and once they have been approved, a purchase order is generated. Just like any other requisition records, purchase orders and various stages of the orders and delivery, the Punch-Out records are also centrally recorded and can be accessed at any point of time.

With the ePMX: Punch-Out module SMBs can not only get quick access to multiple vendor catalogs, but can still have all the purchase controls integrated within the system itself. Moreover, by having the ability to browse through several vendor catalogs simultaneously, one can easily enable choose the lower priced and the best product. With the superior interface and seamless functioning, the ePMX: Punch-Out module can be conveniently operated without a lot of time involvement or complication.

May 22, 2012
BY Bellwether

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