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How the ePMX: Punch-Out Module works for SMBs

Small to mediums sized businesses, or SMBs, are always on the lookout to find something that can help streamline their day-to-day functions and increase profits. The two main ways to increase profits are to cut costs or increase sales of goods and services. On the cost cutting side of the equation this often goes to the purchasing department, reviewing how money is spent and where it can be saved. As a result, adaptable ecommerce technology is becoming increasingly popular among purchasing directors, managers and other decision makers. One way to streamline processes among e-procurement users is the ePMX: Punch Out Module. Forward thinking suppliers and vendors are creating powerful opportunities by adapting the way they present their products to buyers within e-procurement environments that all work to enhance the profits of SMBs. 

Increased demands on purchasing departments to improve their spend management have created more opportunity for suppliers. These purchasing systems allow purchasers to consolidate all supplier catalogs into one central location and manage spend more effectively. And this is where ePMX: Punch Out Module steps in.

Basically, the ePMX: Punch Out Module is a cloud-based module that makes up one part of entire eprocurement suite. The ePMX: Punch Out Module connects to your vendor’s online catalogs and databases through transfer protocols that you access through the ePMX: system. This process streamlines everything into just a few clicks. First you select your items and software brings the data back into the ePMX: system with appropriate pricing and quantities thus creating a requisition. After obtaining the necessary approvals, viewable from any mobile device or tablet with internet access, it takes one more click to create and push-out the purchase order to the vendor. There are other more traditional ways to view catalogs, create requisitions, purchase orders, and relay the information back to the vendor,  but for buyers looking to streamline the process in the most user-friendly way, the ePMX: Punch Out is a “must-have” tool.

It is not surprising that many SMBs are using outdated and time-consuming processes. Maybe they still flip pages of a paper catalog or maybe they look at an online catalog and make notes on a paper requisition form.  Not too long ago, the technology necessary for the processes discussed in today’s post was the privileged advantage of giants, the Fortune 500 Companies and BIG business. These businesses, with seemingly limitless resources, could connect directly to the biggest clients and customers in the world, while SMBs could only watch from the sidelines, being priced out of the technology.

But all that has changed and thanks to current advancements in technology, ePMX: Punch Out Module is more affordable than ever. Now, small and medium businesses can benefit from this diversity. Thus, for the SMBs, having such software in place gives an easy access to purchase controls. This helps in streamlining the purchase functions of daily life and thus leads to more transparency in their operations. All in all, this module is a must have for all SMBs because of the various benefits it provides. 

November 22, 2013
BY Bellwether

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