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How the ePMX: Inventory Management Software works for SMBs

What many SMB’S do not know is that inventory software, is a fundamental business tool. The benefits are almost endless, and staying in control of all of your vital inventory has never been easier or made more convenient. The automated materials management feature is easy to incorporate into any SMB organization. You have full control over your materials management process with the warehouse management software and the material management software. This software can run with other modules making it an integrated system or in a stand alone unit. It really is fantastic and very precise.

The ePMX: software has a tracking system that is automatically updated where your on-order  inventory balances are concerned. This is great when you are placing a purchase order, because the software updates the on-hand balances as the items are received. Having an up-to-the-second status recording every single inventory item that you have as well as the most up-to-date stock information at all of your warehouse locations is a critical tool the ePMX: software provides you.

Worry no more about e-procurement solutions either. There are key management features included in the ePMX: software; Statics on the inventory control and reorder points are in full control, stock levels are always up to date, and reorder quantities are also under control. This software just makes sense.

Requisitions are automatically created if you incorporate the ePMX: requisition module. All of your issues can be easily handled from receipts to returns and more. Transfers and adjustments from warehouse to warehouse are no problem either. The excellent thing is that there is only one inventory screen for inventory transactions.

Tracking inventory by consumers, departments, ledgers, charge accounts, projects and dates is just as simple. This software organizes and empowers your SMB organization with its kit file and instant tracking features. There is also an online inquiry feature that tracks the balances from all of your warehouses. The list goes on and on about why ePMX: Inventory Management Software works for SMBs , but you really have to see it for yourself.


May 24, 2012
BY Bellwether

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