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Increased Efficiency Saves Money

Increased Efficiency Saves Money

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Customize Workflow

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Our software is simple to use and easy to implement as a cloud or premise hosted solution. Featuring our exclusive 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.



Free Purchasing & Inventory Software

Free purchasing and inventory software for up to 3 users for the first year. Simple cloud-based purchasing solution.

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Small businesses

Procurement-to-pay software for organizations that need a simple cloud-based purchasing solution with all standard functions.

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Large and mid-size businesses

Powerful yet low-cost system that automates and streamlines the entire procure to pay process, with optional inventory management.

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As your business grows, you’ll need to adjust your current purchase order process to fit the needs of your company. Many businesses start out using a simple spreadsheet to manage their invoices, but this process becomes complicated when they begin achieving success and need to handle many purchase orders each day from different vendors and customers.

Whether you’re looking for simple procurement software or a more robust system, Bellwether has three options that can suit your needs.


This purchase order software is great for companies looking for a robust, fully-functional purchasing solution. It can be used across devices and is perfect for busy business owners who are always on the go.

Here are just a few of the advantages of EPMX:

  • PunchOut and eCatalog:

    Build a supplier network and eliminate catalog maintenance by linking to the supplier website from directly within ePMX.

  • Requisitions:

    Entire items from a list, catalog, or by hand to manage requisitions for purchases or inventory issues. The automated approval workflows helps increase efficiency and productivity throughout the entire purchasing process.

  • Purchasing:

    Issue one-time or blanket PO’s directly to the vendor or easily convert a requisition into a PO.

  • Receiving:

    Auto-receive shipments with a 2-way match of PO items in addition to reporting on overdue items and materials received.

  • Quotations / RFQ:

    Create quotes from requisitions and issue them to multiple vendors simultaneously, then simply convert them to purchase orders.

  • Asset Management:

    Take control of your asset management including maintenance, warranty and depreciation tracking.

  • Invoicing:

    Easily and quickly convert purchase orders into invoices with the click of a button and 3-way matching of item quantities and pricing.

  • Manage Contracts:

    Contract management made easy with Vendor purchase history and expiration date tracking and alerts.


BPM Software is ideal for businesses that want simple purchase order software that can be implemented and up and running quickly.

  • Work On The Go:

    BPM software can be used on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

  • Punchout:

    Allows you to link out to a vendor’s website directly from BPM for quick ordering.

  • Requisitions:

    The BPM Catalog menu allows for easy requisitioning, by using customized item categories and filters.

  • Approvals:

    Conditional approval routing that can be based on one or multiple conditions. Approvers have the ability to send messages to the requisitioner when they approve and/or reject an order.

  • Purchasing:

    Easily convert requisitions into PO’s and send electronically to your vendor. Consolidate multiple requisitions onto one PO or create new PO’s.

  • Receiving:

    2-way matching. Match shipment quantities to the PO quantities. Allows for multiple receipts against a PO.

  • Invoice Matching:

    3-way matching. Match vendor invoices to the PO and receipt. Export your invoice data and import it into your accounting package via a CSV file.

  • Self-Service:

    The requisitioner can see the status and different stages of their orders to eliminate unnecessary phone calls.

  • Inventory Management

    Track and manage stock items at multiple locations and set notifications for low stock.


Build your business while saving time and money. No matter the size of your business, our free software will help streamline the purchasing process while helping you keep a little extra money in your pocket.

BPM is a stand-alone software solution that offers online support and tutorials to help you get your purchase order process on track. You can handle everything from requisitions to payment approvals with just this software.

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