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Ethical Purchasing – Does it Matter

A purchasing manager plays an important role in vendor development, negotiation and procurement of the things needed by the company. The manager directs, organizes, plans, evaluates and controls the procurement activities of the organization. He or she provides expertise in identifying and purchasing new and replacement parts, equipment and components. In addition, he or she also reviews quality and technical requirements for the procurement of spare parts, services and items. The manager develops purchasing procedures and policies and controls the procurement budget of the company. Overall, the purchasing manager has a very important role in making sure that the procurement activities of the company are well done.

This includes purchasing office supplies based not only on the price, but also considering the work conditions of the vendors where the manager is ordering from. Does ethical purchasing matter? Should purchasing managers consider it?

Ethical purchasing pertains to intentionally purchasing products which are manufactured with minimal harm to animals, environment and humans. This kind of purchasing has given birth to an ethical marketplace where the products sold are particularly aimed at ethical customers. Businesses are now marketing goods with conscience and as such, they are producing ethical products like electric cars and organic footwear.

Purchasing managers and buyers want to find the best products at the lowest cost possible. However, one should always make sure that the vendor where they are buying the products has good working conditions. This also includes the shipping conditions provided by the vendor. Guaranteeing excellent working conditions for seafarers is another requirement that should be kept in mind when purchasing products overseas.

Ethical consumerism levels depend upon an individual. For instance, some animal rights aficionados can go to the extent of not eating meat. Other people are against the mistreatment of animals, but do not have any problem grabbing a hamburger for snacks. Lots of these individuals have allowed their hard-earned cash to speak for their concerns and have searched companies that offer ethically conscious products or services. Some of them even started their own companies that produce or market products which reflect their values. This has increased the popularity of the ethical market. Other businesses are also starting to see the potential of this market and have begun producing or marketing ethical services and goods.

Ethical purchasing is also starting to impact global marketing in various ways. You can always go online and search for these ethical products and you will surely find lots of them. To find the best vendor, it is highly advised to do your research as an ethical customer. A vendor must not only offer affordable ethical products and services, but should also consider the proper packaging and shipping of their products. More than that, they should also ensure the safety of their workers and that their working condition is always at its best.

As a purchasing manager, it is your duty to make sure that the equipment or supplies you will procure for your company are from a vendor that offers ethical products and has a good working condition. Thus, ethical purchasing is important to consider when purchasing office supplies for the company.

December 20, 2012
BY Bellwether

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