"We are Rated #1 for small to midsize businesses who create 50-1000 PO's a month"


EPMX Software – For companies looking for a full blown robust purchasing solution – Includes – Requisitions, PO’s, PunchOut and eCatalogs, RFQ, Receiving, Invoicing, Inventory, Asset Management, Contract Management – Proven at over 1000 customers!

EPMX Overview Video

  • Powerful & Easy to Use Purchasing Software
  • Robust Procurement and Inventory
  • Eliminate phone calls, emails, spreadsheets & verbal approvals


  • Enter items from list, catalog or free form
  • Requisition for purchase or issue from inventory
  • Historical reporting and audit trail, PDF or Excel
  • Automated approval workflows and notifications
  • Ability to put in requests, multiple approval levels, budget tracking for those request, and from any mobile internet device

Quotations / RFQ's

  • Create RFQ or convert from Requisition
  • Issue RFQ to multiple vendors
  • Provide vendors secure online bidding portal
  • Review bids and convert to PO
  • Full reporting and audit trail


  • Issue standard or blanket PO directly to vendor
  • Convert Requisition or RFQ to PO
  • Modify, view, and print POs
  • Full historical reporting and audit trail, PDF or Excel
  • Automated approval workflows and notifications

PunchOut and eCatalog

  • Link to supplier website
  • Eliminate catalog maintenance
  • Build Supplier Network
  • 40+ PunchOuts already available to major vendors
  • Full reporting and audit trail

Receiving and Invoice Matching

  • Three way match of item quantities and invoice pricing
  • Auto receive or receive multiple partial shipments
  • Convert PO to invoice
  • “Okay to Pay” invoices
  • Export invoice data to AP software
  • Full reporting and audit trail, including overdue items and materials received reports

Inventory and Asset Manager

  • Track inventory at multiple locations
  • Issue items from inventory, return to inventory or vendor, and transfer between locations
  • Set reorder points and quantities
  • Generate reorder report and convert to Requisition
  • Check in and check out assets
  • Track the fixed assets in your business
  • Track service, vendors, and contacts
  • Ability to keep track of larger priced items includes depreciation, maintenance, and warranty tracking
  • Conduct quick and accurate physical audits for all fixed assets and inventory items
  • Full reporting and audit trail


  • Track vendor contracts
  • Track purchase history by contract
  • Email alerts before the expiration date
  • Full reporting and audit trail

EPMX Integrations

  • Integrations and bridges include: QB Desktop, QB Online. Intaact, Lawson, SAP, Oracle, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, GP, Accpac, Blackbaud, Abila, etc...
  • Typical integration functions
    • Update Classes, GL Accounts, Projects, Terms and Vendors
    • Choose to process invoices not past or past AP
    • Reports on vouchers processed

half-banner-satisfaction-guaranteeBellwether offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. After buying our software and participating in our in-house or on-site training program, you have 90 days to put our software to the test. If you’re not satisfied after 90 days, we will reimburse you for the full amount you paid for our software. We put our money where our mouth is! Click here for more details.

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