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Certified Procurement Professional Benefit #5 – Industry Recognition for Leaders

Now well shall turn to how senior management perceives you as an individual.  Do they regard you as a leader who is capable of great things and who can lead the organization in a positive direction?  Do they think of you as a groundbreaking individual who knows how to keep the business at the forefront of the procurement industry and that knows the best practices necessary to achieve a high level of success?  Or are you unsure whether or not they trust you?

In today’s world, each and every professional needs to create their own reputation and is responsible for curating their own ‘brand.’  Each professional needs to create their own legacy of accomplishments and claims to fame so that their organization can’t help but recognize their true value as an addition to the organization as a whole.  You should think of getting yourself certified as a means of conducting reputation management, without having to go out and hire a consultant or team of professionals to do it for you. Once you are certified, you have reached a new level in your career and people will definitely respond to the change.  For example, your team members will look up to you when they see that you have become certified and will wish that they also can obtain a certification and thus command respect.

Some procurement leaders have received tremendous publicity and recognition for their endeavors within the field and for getting their entire teams certified.  For example, Palomar Pomerado Health Supply Director Paul Sas and Kimball Procurement International Director of Global Supply Chain Bob Price have both graced the cover of Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine as a result of their teams achieving SPSM® Certification.  As you can see, team certification not only boosts the earning potential of a team, it also increases the chance that the team and the leader who is at the head of the team will receive national or international acclaim as a result of the certification endeavors.  If you receive industry recognition that can create more feelings of trust within senior management so that you can be regarded as a valuable and trusted member of the inner team that runs the company.

Yes, it turns out that the mere act of getting each and every member of a procurement team is in and of itself a newsworthy achievement that can lead to public recognition and public acclaim – two things that will definitely help you to advance your own position within your company and in the industry as a whole.  At the end of the day, you are the only one who can be truly responsible for your success in the procurement industry.  By taking the right action right now you can position yourself to be in a better place for advancement and can ensure that you are so indispensable to your team that you can enjoy a level of job security that many people are unable to in these troubling economic times.  What could be better than that?

September 25, 2012
BY Bellwether

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