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Certified Procurement Professional Benefit #3 – A Stronger, More Effective Team

Procurement team certification can also help to make your procurement team stronger and more formidable.  The stronger the team is, the better your overall results will be and the more respected your department will be within the company as a whole.  One thing about continuing education for professionals in the workplace is that it makes the members of a team feel that they are valuable additions to the whole and that the team is stronger because of their enhanced education.  Continuing education efforts such as procurement certifications are an investment in your people.  If your company invests in goods, services, materials and more, why shouldn’t they also invest in your team?

There are many different terms that are used within the procurement profession in many different ways.  This can be very confusing, as many of these terms may be used interchangeably.  In addition, some organizations interpret the meanings of certain terms in different ways.  Some employers establish their own set of lingo and terms for procurement and do not use the standard usage for terms.  Within one single organization, there may be different employees who are using the same term to describe different things and different employees who are using different terms to describe the same thing.

On top of that, there may be conflicting approaches to the way certain issues should be handled or to the ways that certain concepts should be implemented.  Procurement certification can help to establish consistency within your organization so that everyone is truly on the same page.  Every real business leaders wishes that their team can be “speaking the same language” so that they can work effectively and efficiently towards a stated common goal.  If you can’t even decide which terms should be used to describe things, how can you ever hope to have consistency as to how the terms are executed within your workplace as a whole?

The opportunity to certify your procurement team can help to truly unify your team.  When your team participates in continuing education together everyone can be brought up to speed so that terminologies and strategies can be standardized across the board to all members of the procurement team.  That way no one can fight about who is doing things the right way, as everyone will know exactly what the right way is rather than doing things their own way and assuming that they are the one who has it right while everyone else is behaving improperly.

A team atmosphere is important in a team.  Your team needs to work together so that you all can shine, rather than working separately in order to stand out from the pack.  Certifying the entire procurement team will put everyone on the same page once again.  With a team atmosphere you can achieve much more positive results overall so that the entire team is lauded for your achievements as a group.  The rest of the company will definitely take notice and do not be surprised if you see more camaraderie within the entire organization as a whole as a result of your improved teamwork and efficiency.

September 18, 2012
BY Bellwether

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