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Why Should Hotels Automate Inventory and Procurement?

E-procurement can provide numerous operational benefits to hotels that make the transition to this type of system. To help demonstrate exactly why automating inventory and procurement should be a top priority for hotels as 2015 winds down and 2016 gets nearer, we want to highlight the most significant benefits:


November 18, 2015
BY Bellwether
Is Moving to the Cloud the Right Step for Businesses?

Even though it has many common characteristics of a buzzword, the cloud has proven itself to be a lasting shift across the business landscape. As costs continue to come down and options mature in the functionality they provide, businesses continue to shift their operations to cloud platforms.

If your company is exploring different cloud opportunities, we have several important considerations to share with you:

Staying Agile

There’s a lot to be said for businesses that are able to maintain agile operations. Even as a business grows, staying agile can provide a significant competitive advantage. One big selling point of the cloud is it supports an agile approach to doing business. Because the cloud makes it possible to keep information shared and updated across an entire organization, it’s possible to avoid the types of communication barriers that can start to slow down a business as it grows in size.

Falling Costs and Increasing Functionality

A big part of why so many businesses choose to move forward with their transition to the cloud is because the numbers make so much sense. As competition continues to increase among cloud vendors, prices continue to be pushed down. The attractive pricing options for cloud technology makes it all that much easier for businesses to transition. What’s really great for businesses that want to use cloud technology is the increasing competition also means vendors are providing as many useful features as possible.

Focused Solutions

One thing that often gets overlooked in discussions about businesses and the cloud is this transition doesn’t have to be an all or nothing choice. Instead, businesses can take advantage of focused offerings to move the parts of their operations that make sense to the cloud.

Although there are exceptions, this type of targeted transition is generally the best option for the majority of small to medium businesses. The reason this approach works so well is it allows businesses to take advantage of the best cloud technologies that are available without facing any type of large technical hurdles.

A great example of a piece of focused cloud technology that can greatly benefit businesses is purchasing software. Because the purchase order software offered by Bellwether is 100% web-based, it’s easy to access from anywhere. Not only is this software specifically designed to give purchasing managers everything they need to be as efficient as possible, but it makes it possible to customize to specific needs.

From easily automating purchasing processes to enforcing budget thresholds, our cloud software is the top choice of small and mid market purchasing managers. Best of all, the fact that it’s based in the cloud means that it doesn’t require IT support. If you want to see exactly how our cloud solution can help your business save money through increased efficiency, we encourage you to take advantage of our 30 day free trial or let us walk you through a free live demo.





September 21, 2015
BY Bellwether
Benefits of a Cloud-based Saas Purchasing Software

This exceprt is taken from “Web-Based, SaaS Purchasing Model Lives Up To Its Promises.”

In a challenging business environment like we have today, Purchasing Managers, CIO’s and CFO’s are using new kinds of technology solutions to increase productivity and decrease costs. CFO’s and CIO’s are attracted to Saas (Software as a Service) and Open Source software because this technology offers a faster, efficient and affordable way to conduct business processes.

For Purchasing Managers and CFO’s, e-Procurement software that is offered as a SaaS solution makes perfect sense because it improves the cost structure of a company, manages spending and demands better pricing from vendors. e-Procurement software (SaaS) or Traditional deployment has equal productivity in that either of them will directly impact the bottom line in a positive way.

E-procurement solutions align purchasing behaviors to corporate objectives, focusing Purchase Managers on the most effective cost control and vendor management. e-Procurement maximizes agility in the face of market change and provides visibility in purchase or spend analytics. e-Procurement solutions greatly reduce administrative time and costs, and the application supports compliance efforts.

When economies slow, CFO’s tighten the purse strings and delay or even cancel big IT projects and capital expenses. SaaS solutions offer up a way to
continue to quickly deploy solutions without excessive costs. If CIO’s are not comfortable with SaaS solutions, then Open Source solutions or solutions
that work on Open Source systems software, like Linux, makes perfect sense.

CFO’s and CIO’s see the distinct financial advantages of a SaaS licensing model.

• Reduces up-front capital expenses
• Reduces the expenses of installing the application
• Reduces the cost of operating the data center
• Reduces the number of training staff

e-Procurement solutions offered on the SaaS model or run on Open-Source platform, like Linux, are well received by CIO’s because of the flexibility of the system and because there is no upfront hardware and software costs. With Saas, there is no costly ongoing software maintenance and no vendor lock if the vendor does not perform.


September 10, 2013
BY Bellwether

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