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Benefits of the ePMX: Receiving Module in Business

ePMX: software is Procurement Management software that helps Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) to know the amount of stock or machinery they have along with the requirements. You can keep a track of the stocks, machinery, or any other requirement, which the business might have.

When a SMB uses ePMX: in their business, the quantity of goods received is automatically generated and noted with the help of its main feature called Quick Entry. As the name suggests, this feature of the receiving software records the goods received without actually tallying everything and noting it down manually. In the event that your business receives multiple shipments from the software has a feature that allows for tracking and entering partial shipments as well. What about different units of measurement from the purchase order? The software will do the conversions for you thus making it easy for you to manage your stock.

As soon as you enter the order, the software then automatically updates the status of its location and an estimated date of its receiving. Inventory balances are also recorded in this software and automatically updated so you always have up to the minute information. SMBs find this e-receiving software the best way to manage their inventory, as the receiving options are clear, easy to see, and easy to track.

What about open, overdue, and closed purchase orders? Then in each of these cases, the software is a tremendous help for the purchasing managers. These are just a few of the standard reports available to business owners, all at the click of a button.

Along with the benefits this software gives by making the handling of the inventory easier, this software also gives the business owner the list of venders and the quality of their individual performances as far as delivery time and conditions. The purchasing manager can view all this information, compare vendors side by side in order to make an informed and qualified decision for each order. The purchasing manager will enjoy yet another advantage of matching the purchase order and receiving information to verify that it is correct with the help of his software.

Business owners and purchase managers alike find that the ePMX: receiving module is a great benefit, almost like having another person on the team. This software has helped in cost cutting and reducing efforts at the same time. All of this combined is why so many SMBs are moving to ePMX:.

November 5, 2013
BY Bellwether

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