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Bellwether Partners with Anybill: Procure to Pay Solution

Sunny Dronowat, PhD.
Bellwether Software
Louisville, KY
December 16, 2009

Bellwether Software Partners with Anybill
to create a best of breed Procure to Pay Solution

Anybill and Bellwether Software are now offering a complete end to end solution that is web based to companies to automate the end to end procurement to pay process.

Louisville, KY: Bellwether Software, a leader in e-procurement systems and solutions for the
healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing and financial services industries has partnered with Anybill to build integration tools that automate the whole procure to pay process with Anybill’s On-demand Accounts Payable Automation Software, AnyAP. Anybill has been delivering quality accounts payable automation software and services to organizations throughout the US.

“Integration with Anybill’s On-demand AP Automation solution makes ePMX: a one of its kind ERP solution that companies can now use to automate their whole procurement to pay process. You can punch out to any vendor site, bring in the items, get it approved, create a PO, create an invoice and send that data electronically to Anybill and your invoice is paid” said Sunny Dronawat, president and general manager at Bellwether.

With this solution, customers can now control their spend; get a complete picture of their long-term and short term cash flow. “This will make a big difference in saving businesses thousands if not millions of dollars using purchasing automation and automated bill approval and payment” added Dronawat.


“This integration provides a win-win situation for our clients. It completely automates the Procure to pay solution and brings two powerful ERP solutions together,” said Anybill’s CEO, Matt Voorhees.

About Anybill

Since 1998, Anybill has been developing and delivering the most secure, comprehensive and advanced suite of complete, on-demand accounts payable automation and sales and use tax payment solutions to small and medium sized companies, public accounting firms and not-for-profit organizations. Anybill’s unique back office business process enables users to save time and money through workplace automation, instant data visibility, financial transparency, records security, fraud protection and contributions to the conduct of financial audits.

Anybill is based in Washington, DC and has a Western Region office in San Mateo, California. For
more information visit

About Bellwether Software

Bellwether Software is a Louisville KY-based purchasing software company. Operational since 1985,
it’s 100% web-based ePMX:, used by over 700 customer’s world wide, is an easy-to-use and very
reliable purchasing software. Bellwether Software offers affordable, modular and full-featured
procurement and spend analytics software both as traditional and SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

Questions and inquiries should be directed to or to 502-426-5463. Visit Bellwether’s website at


December 17, 2009
BY Bellwether

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