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Automated Purchasing Process: How to Get Started

It wasn’t that long ago when most forms of automation were only accessible to very large companies. But thanks to all the rapid advances in technology that have brought costs down over the years, businesses of all sizes can benefit from automation. One area where automation can be very helpful for small to medium businesses is with purchasing. Specifically, a more automated purchasing process can help take a business to a new level of efficiency. Not only will this help save time for everyone who is involved, but it’s also a proven way to help keep costs at an optimal level.

How can a business start transitioning towards an automated purchasing process? That’s exactly what we’re going to answer in this post, so be sure to keep reading:

The Basics of an Automated Purchasing Process

In many businesses, a typical purchase begins when an employee identifies something they need. That employee will let the procurement department know by sending an order request or requisition. Once the request is received, procurement may initiate their portion of the process by sending a RFP to potential vendors. After a vendor is selected, they will receive a purchase order. The vendor will then fulfill the purchase order by delivering the products or services, along with an invoice.

As just about anyone involved with a manual purchasing process will freely admit, there are plenty of inefficiencies within this process. Not only are there inefficiencies, but it can be hard to optimize the process for cost. Since there is obviously room for improvement, the main question is how to go about automating this process. The answer to that question can be as simple as having a more centralized way to compare and manage vendors. By bringing that and other information into a single system, it becomes possible to noticeably streamline every step in the process.

Streamlining Procurement with Purchasing Software

Moving towards a more automated purchasing process requires having all relevant information in a central location. The best way to bring together everything that’s needed for a more streamlined procurement process is to use purchasing software. Bellwether Purchasing Software is specifically designed to provide all the functionality that small and mid market purchasing managers need.

Once an organization starts using this software, the platform’s customized work flows make it possible to automate purchasing processes. The software also makes it possible to utilize historical data to leverage vendor pricing. Thanks to all the features provided by the software, it becomes surprisingly easy to turn procurement into a process that operates with maximum efficiency.

If you have any questions about setting up an automated purchasing process or using our software, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.





August 21, 2015
BY Bellwether

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