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Advantages to Procurement Certification Part 3: Improved Standing with Management

Mid and top level management have varying degrees of appreciation for the job done my purchasing managers and their team. Some are very involved and some give a lot of latitude. Some have high expectations and understand the import role this department plays in the overall financial health of the company and others don’t give it a second thought. As you can see, there are positive, neutral, and negative interactions between management and the procurement team. It is important for your management team to understand the true potential of your procurement team. One way to enhance a good relationship or improve a less than stellar one is to seek procurement certifications as a purchasing manager and pave the way for your entire team to do so as well. Procurement certification will help improve your standing with management.


A common obstacle to seeking certifications is the thought that you would not learn anything after having worked a number of years in the procurement field. If that is the justification for overlooking or avoiding certification then you fail to understand the full picture. A third party standard of excellence is represented by the procurement certificate acting as proof of sorts to show their experience and level of excellence.

Think about the last time you visited the doctor. Most doctors have their wall covered in awards and recognitions. If the doctor only displays their degree, but has no additional certifications to display their level of influence within their profession and with their patients will be greatly diminished. In the same way, if procurement certification is missing, the claim of excellence will be subjective. In such a situation, you will not have tangible evidence of your commitment to pursuing excellence that management likes to see. It’s no longer enough to promise excellence, you have to show you are committed.

If you really want to show your management team that you are serious about your job and the services you provide take a serious look at certification. Procurement certification paired with years of experience will make you more valuable. You will have more value to your company, more value to your team, and more value to your co-workers across other departments and of course, management.

Some additional benefits include positioning yourself to seek a raise during your next review or possibly ahead of that schedule. It can also serve as insurance and protection from a couple of different angles. One is protection during tough times that may necessitate layoffs. Looking at two employees with similar experience and similar education, having additional certifications will set you apart from others. Certification can also serve as insurance in the event that you are laid off or your company goes out of business, or for whatever reason you find yourself relieved of your job. You will be interviewing and competing with other job candidates who may have similar or better education and experience. Additional certifications will insure you remain competitive in the job market.

As you can see, procurement certification has many advantages with improved standing with management both within your own company and expanding to other companies should the need arise that you search out new career options.

February 25, 2014
BY Bellwether

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