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Advantages to Procurement Certification Part 1: Improved Standing with Industry Peers

In this 6-part series we will be looking at several aspects of procurement certification including advantages both inside and outside your company and some online certifications you may want to consider. Let’s start outside with industry peers and work our way inside going through vendors, management, and your department. So today we’ll discuss how procurement certification can improve your standing with your peers in the industry.

Each professional person has to work very hard on their personal brand. Professionals strive set a benchmark of accomplishments so that their hard work is recognized not only within their company, but with industry peers as well. Procurement leaders and managers have had impressive cover stories in major publications and have been recognized in the industry for their accomplishments and the efforts they have put in to achieve their goals.

Due to the profit generating potential of added certifications for procurement leaders, certification itself has garnered the attention of various business publications who seek to highlight leaders who were successful in leading their teams to reach their goals. Industry recognition also leads to gaining trust of industry peers. This in turn can lead to increased collaboration and sharing of innovative ideas that can benefit all involved no matter what company or companies are represented by his or her counter-parts.

If you are a purchasing manager, executing strong leadership and moving to get certification for the whole team is a huge achievement that helps to build a very strong personal brand and your standing within the industry. The collective capabilities of the purchasing department are increased if they are certified. Your leadership will be highlighted as your team excels in every area as they operate at a higher level due to the additional training and certification of each member individually.

You may be completely satisfied and loyal to where you are today, but there may come a time when either by choice or circumstances beyond your control that you find yourself seeking new opportunities. How you are viewed by your peers can help in that situation. They can serve as references who vouch for your standing in the industry, recommend other employment options that become available, and may even recruit you to lateral positions, but ones that have increased upward mobility.

Getting certifications for yourself and your team has tremendous benefit within the industry and among your peers. Make sure you check out all 6-parts in the coming weeks.


February 18, 2014
BY Bellwether

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