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Bellwether Webinar 6/26 Introducing Auto-Generated Expense Reports from Certify

The Bellwether team is excited to introduce Certify Expense Management to all of you. Please view the video below to understand how they can help your company.
Automated Expense Reports with Certify
Automated & Simplified Expense Management for the Busy Traveler
Expense Management with Certify
Certify makes expense reports easy by automating the creation of the expense report for the employee, providing online review and approval process for managers, and streamlining the processing and reimbursement process for accountants.
  • Auto-Generated Expense Reports with ReportExecutiveâ„¢
  • Cloud Based & Paperless Expense Management
  • Full Suite of Reports & Spend Analytic
  • Scalable to Fit all Organizations
We will be hosting a webinar on June 26th at 2:00 PM ET to share with you how Certify can help relieve the T & E headache. Please register for the webinar today. All people who attend the webinar will receive a special offer from Bellwether.
Register Now
Space is limited. 
Reserve your Webinar seat now at: 

Testimonial Contest - Every Submission Earns $100

Bellwether would like your help to share on our soon to be released new website regarding what drove you to seek an automated purchasing system and how Bellwether has enabled your solution. Everyvideo submitted will earn you a $100 gift card or $100 credit toward your next Bellwether invoice. 
We are recommending that you record yourself with a smart phone or web cam. If you have a helper we will gladly send them a $25 gift card. 
Not sure what to talk about? Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • Describe your purchasing process challenges prior to implementing Bellwether Software. 
  • What positive changes have you realized by utilizing Bellwether Software? 
  • How has utilizing Bellwether generated time and money savings for you? 
  • If you have an approval process, describe your approval/decline process both before and after Bellwether Software. 
  • And finally, what about the spend tracking and reporting?
The competition will run through July 18th.  We will have our leadership team review all the videos and vote in the top 5. 
1st prize $300
2nd - $200
3rd - $150
4th - $100
5th - $50
Remember, everyone receives $100 gift card or credit for their video testimonial entry!  The prizes for the top videos will be in addition.  Please let us know what questions you have and how we can help you!
Thank you,
The Bellwether Team!
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