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SMB Purchasing Software Leader, Bellwether Software, Maintains Growth Momentum


As the Procurement Software Company heads into its 27th year, its continued growth demonstrates the value and profitability of spend control.

Louisville, KY (PRWEB) April 15, 2012

Bellwether Software, the leader in e-procurement, and spend management software, today announced its highly successful first quarter in 2012, continuing its impressive growth over the past 3 years, while indicating that its Software-as-a-Service model, has helped small and mid-sized companies acquire a valuable tool to control spending and increase profits.

“2011 officially marked our 3rd consecutive year of new annual contract value growth,” explains Bill Arnold, founder of Bellwether Software. “Our continued success indicates the value our procurement software solutions bring to our customer base while it also underscores the changing landscape toward a preference for cloud-based solutions and flexible delivery models including: software-as-a-service (SaaS), traditional licensing, and SaaS-to-Own.

“Bellwether helps meet the demands of today’s clients by providing flexible, custom pricing models along with its powerful, intuitive cloud-based solutions. Our customers depend on Bellwether to develop and enforce a culture of smart spending, and regardless of current economic uncertainties, we see a rising demand for our procurement software solutions because they help organizations find greater efficiencies and help eliminate wasteful spending, ” explains Arnold.

Thanks to the purchasing software’s capabilities and its ease-of-use, there has been rapid user adoption and expansion of the e-procurement solution throughout our clients’ other divisions.

Bellwether Software has added various companies to its impressive ePMX (electronic purchasing manager extra) customer list over the past year including: Miles & Stockbridge , Inglett & Stubbs International, Quileute Tribal Council, Ocean Power Technology (OPT) , Evenko, BioProcure, CWS Marketing Group, Veolia Transportation , Fresh Global, Herff Jones, and Project Samaritan. In addition to these organizations, Bellwether has added a number of additional clients including healthcare groups, financial institutions, insurance companies, and service providers.

Bellwether continues to focus on its core business: helping organizations save money by cutting costs, eliminating wasteful spending and reducing manual processes. Bellwether Software maintains a commitment to develop an application for the end-user that is both powerful and easy.

About Bellwether Software

For more than 26 years, Bellwether Software has been specializing in software and web-based applications that automate business processes for small and mid-sized organizations. What Bellwether brings to companies is the invaluable experience in identifying areas that cost you money every day: poor controls, slow processes, maverick spending and human error. With Bellwether’s web based solutions combined with an experienced team, customers will have the tools and resources to realize immediate cost savings with smooth implementation, along with a professional and unparalleled procurement support experience. Bellwether ePMX modules include Purchasing, Requisitions, Receiving, Quotations/Bid Management, Inventory, Asset Management, Contract Management and Invoice approvals.

Questions and inquiries should be directed to epmx(at)bellwethercorp(dot)com or to 502-426-5463. Visit Bellwether's website at http://www.bellwethercorp.com. Be sure to subscribe to our Purchasing & Spend Analysis Blog.


Vote For Your Preferred ePMX Redesign!

Bellwether is planning modest changes to the current look of ePMX. We are inviting our users to voice their opinions on the proposed redesigns. If you have 60 seconds, please go to http://www.bellwethercorp.com/vote-for-youfavorite-face-lift and give us your feedback on your preference. Please note that the planned design enhancements will have no impact on functionality or features. Thank you in advance!

Get your gift card and win an Apple iPad | Bellwether Clients


From now through December, Bellwether Procurement Software invites you to provide a testimony on the benefits you have realized from your Bellwether products. Each testimonial earns an opportunity to win an iPad 2 with a lucky winner being named in December. For each testimony, you will earn a gift card as a "Thank you" for your time. To complete a testimonial, simply go online to https://epmx.infusionsoft.com/app/form/epmx-testimony-2011 and complete the information requested. Details can be found on this page. If you have further questions regarding the testimonials, please direct them to sales@bellwethercorp.com . Thank you for partnering with Bellwether to provide ongoing enhancements to better serve our clients' needs.

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New ePMX News Feed Coming


ePMX users will notice a new news feed on their login screens. We hope you find this useful in keeping you up to date on your application's updates and future enhancements. You will also receive messages from support on special tips and tricks to get the most out of your ePMX application.

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Upcoming ePMX Enhancements


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You will soon see integrated links on your application where you can contact support directly or provide feedback and suggestions without having to leave your ePMX application.
The upcoming versions for ePMX will be versions 13.2 and 13.3. Below are some highlights of enhancements you will find in these releases.
  1. Enhanced Import to maintain Standard PO
  2. Enhancement of Exports for  PO/Receipts/Inventory Transactions
  3. New corporation settings to disable auto approve, auto receive, auto issue functions
  4. Will hide icons of modules and corporation files for users not having access (previously grayed-out)
  5. Budget Information more visible in Invoice
  6. Web Services enhancements for most common shared fields with AP applications
  7. Client Setup Utility enhancement to turn on Asset Mgr for new or existing client setup
  8. Asset Manager-modifications to Corporation and Material File entry fields-add to Help and Control File Reports
  9. Enhanced Import PO will incorporate PO Approvals
  10. Custom Settings to Design Import layouts for Vendor, Material, GL Acct Code, Invoice Bridge-
  11. Export Inventory Transactions will include addition of inventory transaction adjustments in Inventory Maintenance, Physical Worksheet Update Qty and Barcode Update Physical Counts
  12. Exports of POs, Inventory Trans, and Receipts enhanced Download capability for hosted and SaaS clients
  13. Function to create Requisitions from Quotations
  14. Enhanced Purge AP/RFQ
  15. Reorder of search function of employee to last name/first name
  16. Audit Report/Variance report using Historical Data tracked in THRTN-37 enhancement
  17. Track Historical Data in Requisitions, Purchases, Inventory, and Invoice for tie-in to Variance, Audit Reports
  18. Employee Record field additions of Class, Department, Unit, Supervisor, Ship-to Code, 2 employee User Defined Fields
  19. Expanding G/L Field to 50 Characters
  20. Enhanced Email Reject Reason, and added in Receiving
  21. Multi-Currency by Vendor enhancement
  22. Credit Memo Functionality added to Invoice Module processing
  23. Assign Employee to Project(s)/Job(s) & Utility for User Class Assignments-enhanced user subclass module access
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